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No longer are the Revs looking to hoist the Alan I. Rothenberg trophy at the end of the season. Wait, say what?  No, instead now, we’ll be looking to hold the Philip F. Anschutz Trophy aloft after we win MLS Cup. Well, us and every other MLS team, that is.

Major League Soccer/Tiffany

MLS today unvieled the new trophy today at Tiffany and Co., in downtown New York City. What do we say? Finally … maybe our bad luck with the Cup losses is over now that there is a new trophy. All the bad karma and bad luck is gone!

On a serious note, we like that the trophy is back to being a real cup and not a trophy. It puts more meaning in “playing for the cup” as opposed to “playing for a trophy that we call a cup but is really a trophy.”

MLS sent out a few more specifics about the new Philip F. Anschutz Trophy:

“The Philip F. Anschutz championship trophy is 24” tall with an additional seamless base of 4 5/8”. The trophy features fluid and dynamic handles that include 11 facets on the front and back, symbolizing the 22 players that participate in a soccer match. The gold star represents the championship club, which often incorporates a star into its team crest for each MLS Cup title it wins.  The new trophy inherits select design elements from the previous two trophies, thereby honoring the League’s history while moving forward. The bottom of the Philip F. Anschutz trophy features a map of North America, with a star identifying the location of each MLS market.”

The trophy will be in Chicago next week when we play there, so we’re pretty anxious to see it.

What do you think about the newly-redesigned trophy?


  1. Scott says:

    Finally a cuppy looking “Cup.”
    I like it-let’s go win the darn thing!

  2. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Gorgeous cup. Should have either retained the name or been renamed after Lamar Hunt, though. In my opinion.

  3. Jim says:

    We already won Lamar’s cup, Weather Man, it’s the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup.

    I like the new design and Anschutz does deserve recognition but I don’t like the renaming. Rothenberg was involved with soccer before “Uncle Phil” and even though it seems the league got his blessing before taking his name off it- I still don’t like it.

  4. Erin says:

    That is a very handsome-looking cup. I think it will look fabulous living here at Gillette.

    Douse the Fire and go get it, boys!

  5. GodwinEagle12ster says:

    Congrats to MLS for the new trophy
    Cheers to Adam Cristman for being named the team’s U.S. Soccer Foundation Humanitarian of the Year.
    Celebrations to Brad Knighton (RTD 2NOV08)
    Thanks for the great season, Adam Cristman and Brad Knighton

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