Postgame Reaction: Revs 0, Fire 0

Hey all – We have postgame press conference videos from Steve Nicol and Matt Reis, and locker room interviews with Shalrie Joseph and Jay Heaps posted for your viewing pleasure. Click on the links below to watch.

What are your thoughts on the game?

Shalrie Joseph w/ Allen Hopkins on the field >>
Steve Nicol Press Conference >>
Matt Reis Press Conference >>
Shalrie Joseph/Jay Heaps Video >>


  1. Brian says:

    The first half was unwatchable. Socer on artificial turf (even the “good” kind) too often is. There were stretches when the ball was touched by more heads than feet. The second half was better. The Revs were able to keep the ball better and create some chances. Unfortunately, the Revs have in the last couple years become a little predictable against well-organized defenses. Get the ball wide and loop in high crosses to a small player (like Mansally or TT) against tree-high defenders. Not going to work. I’d like to see them play the crosses earlier, low into space behind the defensive line, so that our fast forwards can run on to them.

  2. Cooper says:

    Fair enough Brian. But to me most important was that we finally kept a clean sheet. Heaps and Parkhurst worked really well together. And although I’ve been an Igwe guy this season, I want to say that Tierney had a great game.

    Don’t look now but we are one game away from yet another Conference Championship game. Keep it up lads!

  3. backseat says:

    Too bad we didn’t win last night but I’ll take the tie. For better or worse this team looks sooooo different without Ralston and Twellman. I thought Shalrie and Tierney played an amazing game. If only our finishing had been weeee bit better we could have actually sneaked one out last night. After the last two months though, the tie was a welcome change. This next match is going to be a real rumble :-)

  4. henry5 says:

    By far Tierney’s best game at left back….but isn’t he more of a left wing? I would have liked to see Igwe in the 4-4-2. He is more attack minded and is able to make knifing runs through the midfield. Tierney is very conservative on the ball, but at times last night showed a bit more aggressiveness (especially against McBride). Need more of that. I think Tierney would do better in the 3-5-2 – which I was hoping to see last night. At least start with an attacking formation and then move into a 4-4-2 later. Although Albright did play a bit more forward than usual last night.

    I also liked Heaps and Parkhurst together. I am hoping Badilla is on the bench next Thursday. He just hasn’t had the time to gel with the team yet. Yeah he needs time but the playoffs are do or die. Heck it took Castro all season. Nicol can’t afford to risk it with Badilla.

    One of my major complaints from last nights performance is an overall sense of complacency. There were times when the Revs just sat back and waited for the ball to come to them only to allow one of the Fire to come in and get to it first. Fortunately for the Revs it didn’t come back to hurt them. They seemed to be playing for a 0-0 tie from the beginning of the game.

    I am keeping fingers crossed for the availability of Twellman (off the bench at least) next Thursday. If this goes to Extra time we may need him.

  5. kev13p says:

    Based on Twellman’s comments to Alan Hopkins on ESPN before the game, I wouldn’t expect him to be available for the remainder of the season. Taylor said that the decision to sit out wasn’t really much of a decision because the doctors told him that one more hit so soon could end his career. I’d rather see Taylor paly for the rest of his career with the Revs than risk his health.

  6. Hope says:

    First and foremost, kudos to Jay Heaps for not being taken in by Blanco’s antics. That seems to be Blanco’s mode, target one player, keep having run ins with him to wind him up and then if all goes according to plan that player finally blows a gasket and ends up being sent off the field. I recognize that he has talent, but I can’t get past the over dramatizing to appreciate it.

    Now having said all that, I thought the Revs played well last night. I agree that if they’re going to play four defenders, Heaps and Parkhurst play well next to each other. And it makes sense, as they have played next to each other for years. When Badilla is put in as the fourth, it’s not only a different formation than they are used to playing, but it’s also a player they aren’t used to playing with. As far as the attacking plays, well the younger players have speed on their side but they lack experience that is necessary to finish a lot of plays. Considering the circumstances I think everyone played well last night and gave themselves a chance next week.

    Chicago being at home is a bit concerning, but I actually think the Revs not being considered the favorite going into the match will work in their favor. Given the way things have gone at times this season, going into next week with a clean slate is a tremendous opportunity. It will be a physical match but I have no doubt the Revvies will bring their A-game.

    Rest up and practice hard…a battle awaits you!

  7. backseat says:

    bsides 42″ flatscreen tvs at home, where’s the best place to watch a game?
    anything cool going to happen at Gillette for game night? Any bars in town going to be full of Revs fans?

  8. henry5 says:

    backseat ….. check out the midnight riders web page. they have a couple of places you can check out the games. Also Phoenix Landing in Cambridge is usually packed with Revs Fans (at least it was during the Open Cup final last year)

  9. Jim says:

    Revs fans will be at DJ’s At The Garden….the Midnight Riders have secured this place for watching away games. Personally I think it’s pretty weak that 13 years into the team’s existence 90% of bars in Boston still won’t turn games on unless you’re rolling 20+ deep.

    The Phoenix Landing only works for European matches and the odd US or Revs games because they turn into a nightclub at around 8 or 9 PM. Even during the Open Cup game we had to argue with the staff about the DJ coming on. The owner did, however, let the Riders have their holiday party at his other property (An Tua Nua) last year.

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