Newsstand – Dec. 9

Revolution NewsstandRevolution Newsstand is back. And this time we PROMISE to be better at keeping you up-to-date on the latest Revs and MLS news that’s out and clickable in cyberland.

Unfortunately for us, today’s Newsstand is a bit sad, being that it’s widely reported Michael Parkhurst is officially making the jump across the pond to Denmark. The Revs had a few things to say so be sure to click through. There was also a lot of news today (and in recent days) about possible and impending transfers from around MLS.

Kyle McCarthy checks in at the Boston Herald with the details, while Monique Walker at the Boston Globe has quotes from Parkhurst and Nicol about the move. Goal.comalo has a brief snippet about the move.

On the whole transfer issue, Revs color guy Greg Lalas has a piece for SI.com taking about how the current economy could affect Americans looking to transfer, while Ives Galarcep has a piece at ESPN.com’s Soccernet about the most likely outgoing MLS players.

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  1. MGK says:

    Best of luck to Michael. We have lost two great players this season but we focus on them as people who love the game. May Mike and Khano have much success in their new ventures. Stay safe and be well. We will miss you. :(

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