Website Changes for 2009

revs_monitor1Hello and happy Friday!

We have a number of  web-related bits to share with you, so without further ado:

1.  Official Facebook Page: We started an official Facebook page last summer, and we’re really looking to ramp up this effort for 2009. We’re aware that there are a couple of fan-created facebook pages as well (and we think they’re awesome!), but we’d like to have as many Revs fans on Facebook as fans of our official page as well. Click here to become a fan of our page.

More changes after the jump including info on our streaming media change (i.e. no more realplayer), moving the blog and more…

2. Live flash audio streams: For the 2009 season and beyond we will be switching from RealPlayer to streaming Flash audio for all of our live audio events, including live game broadcasts and Brad Feldman’s In the Net show/podcast. I am sure this will come as good news to many of you!

3. Blog move: We are moving the blog to our own servers and off of the wordpress sever to give us more control on the look (i.e. re-design) and on the backend of things. What does this mean for you? You will need to potentially update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. We currently have two URLs for the blog: http://blog.revolutionsoccer.net which points to the real URL at http://revolutionsoccer.wordpress.com.  Just be sure to access the blog at blog.revolutionsoccer.net from now on and you will be all set, as after the switch is made that will be the only URL you can use to access the blog. And as always, the blog will be featured on the revolutionsoccer.net homepage for easy access.

4. Your feedback: We asked you back in September for your feedback on revolutionsoccer.net as a whole.  We’ve taken a lot of your suggestions and built them into our plans for the 2009 season and thank you again for your feedback.  Now we would like to know what kind of content would you like to see on the website and on the blog? What types of features (articles, audio, video) would you like to see and share with your friends and fellow soccer fans? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. February desktop wallpaper:  Our February desktop wallpaper featured player will be none other than February birthday boy (well, sort of) Taylor Twellman, and will be available for download starting February 1.

Thanks everyone, and have a good weekend!


  1. Mark says:

    Thanks. I really hated RealPlayer.

  2. Phil says:

    I would second the dislike of RealPlayer.

    For content, I’d like to see more daily updates… things we could not get anywhere else. Examples would include: practice reports, injury reports, travel overviews… behind the scenes stuff. I’d like to see how the team is run, from top to bottom. I liked the apparel sneak peak that was given a few days ago.

    One of things that I believe speaks unfavorably of the Revs is the frequency of which they appear on du Nord (most other MLS teams have 3x or 4x more articles / references). This is because the club, and the local media don’t supply news… nothing is provided for people or news media to talk about. Articles on this blog can go along way towards fixing that problem.

  3. mosler says:

    My content request would be for a feature that teaches me something about the game I don’t already know, from a technical/tactical/coaching point of view. Maybe one of the players with coaching aspirations could do a 5 minute video segment breaking down some game tape. I’d suggest the actual coaches do this but that’s probably a pipe dream. Maybe Greg Lalas would be another option, though we do hear from him during the broadcasts and a current player or coach would be an interesting a unique voice special to the blog.

    Many fans understand the technical aspects of the game in pretty good detail, and perhaps the tactical details a bit less well. I’ve always wondered how the pro players and coaches see the game differently than I do. If there could be some content here where their expertise could be articulated to the fans, it would be a big hit.

    Good luck with your efforts here in 2009 and thanks for asking.

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