Caption This – Contest!

heaps_autographed_cardWe had a great time reading your captions for our last ‘Caption this‘ post, so we have decided to make this a regular feature on the blog. However, now there is a bit more at stake! After every Revolution home game, we will choose one photo to be captioned from the match for a ‘Caption This’ contest.  The winner will be chosen by our internal panel of judges and will receive an autographed 5″x7″ Revolution player card. We’ll kick things off with an autographed Jay Heaps player card!

RULES: One entry per person, per e-mail address. Contest ends tomorrow (June 2) at 11:59 P.M. and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 3 on the blog. Click here for the official rules (PDF).

So good luck, be creative and have fun!

Photo: Keith Nordstrom


  1. Byron James says:

    “I’m the father!?”

  2. Brian says:

    Wells Thompson is still on this team? HOW?!?!???!?

  3. Kwan says:

    If I continue looking surprised, maybe he won’t find me.

  4. John Bagley says:

    Hear no Evil

  5. Geoff says:

    Referee: “I’m sorry, Jay. I didn’t say ‘Referee Says’. Now go put on the orange jersey and sit with the other eliminated players behind you…”

  6. Fabio A says:

    “Heee!!? Ho my god! I forgot turn off the iron!!!”

  7. Luis Manuel says:

    God! Why!!?… The referee run faster than me!

  8. Nancy says:

    why is coach letting Twellman play ??

  9. KenzoNH says:

    Whoa!!! Ice cream headache!

  10. Brian says:

    I forgot that you’re not allowed to do that!

  11. Tim B says:

    The boys on the bench: “Oh no! What is Jay going to say THIS time.”

  12. Edward says:

    “The Jonas Brothers JUST canceled their concert date at Gillette Stadium?!”

  13. Adam says:

    The force is strong with Jay. “I did not commit the foul, you were going to give us a PK.”

  14. John S says:

    did i turn off the iron

  15. Katy says:

    Is my hair still on?

  16. Greg says:

    Taylor, you have to run like this if you don’t want to get injured!

  17. robert tatem says:

    Honestly ref, sir, I didn’t steal the ball. I thought the other guy was finished playing with it.

  18. Greg says:

    Ref, how can you call a handball? My hands have been superglued to my head the whole game!

  19. cammiev says:

    But I’m not ready for my close-up!

  20. Lisa says:

    Oh My God i forgot to pass the ball

  21. matt says:

    why wont’t this referee just leave me alone so i can play soccer, he’s ruining everything.

  22. Sarah says:

    I could have had a V-8!

  23. Carmel Kearns says:

    ” Jesus, ref, please don’t shoot me with those guns!”

  24. Stacy James says:

    But you told me before the game i could have it there’s no takeback’s

  25. Carmel Kearns says:

    “Could you not have gotten a shirt to fit those guns, ref?”

  26. Paulo Simoes says:

    J. Heaps-”Oh my God, Steve Nicol is putting in Taylor Twellman (TT) we’re going to win this one!

  27. backseat says:

    Duke lost to Villanova!?!

  28. Deb1 says:

    Oh my god this guys pecks are huge. Do they check refs for steroids?

  29. Bonuela says:

    The ball is supposed to go in the net???

  30. CJM1188 says:

    “No more LeBron puppet commericials!!!”

  31. Dawn says:

    …..Hey Macarena!!!

  32. john russell says:

    Susan Boyle lost! What?

  33. Kim Russell says:

    How can Kate leave Jon?

  34. Matt Russell says:

    I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

  35. Dawn says:

    Ahhhh….. stop the voices in my head!!!!

  36. Danielle Newhall says:

    “What do you mean Santa isn’t real! LIES”

  37. Charlie says:

    Oh no! I just realized I forgot to wear my athletic supporter.

  38. Bob says:

    Ref rushes to assist Heaps after passing record kidney stone

  39. Amy says:

    After that call I’d expect a brick…but Jay is full of soccer

  40. Gary says:

    Revolution defender Jay Heaps attempts to inbound his head instead of the ball!

  41. Susan F says:

    NO! I will not take a penalty kick! I won’t do it, I won’t do it!

  42. DM says:

    Oh no….don’t reach for the pocket!!!!

  43. Bill says:

    … A YELLOW CARD ?? !!! That’s it, I will do the MACARENA DANCE until you take it back !!!

  44. CindyC says:

    And after 3 billion votes, your new American Idol is…. Matt Reis!

  45. Katy says:

    Oh no! Taylor forgot his shorts!

  46. Mike R says:

    Look at those Rev Girls!

  47. John Kearns says:

    “La la la la I’m not listening,ref la la la la!

  48. Aaron says:

    “If I can’t hear you, you can’t hear me.”

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