Training Recap – June 2

After taking two days off to recover from Saturday night’s grueling victory over D.C. United, the Revs were back in action on the training field today as they prepare for another rivalry showdown with the New York Red Bulls on Sunday night at Gillette Stadium.

Present and participating in today’s activities was Taylor Twellman, who was eager to get back on the field after playing 65 minutes on Saturday night to mark his first competitive game action in more than seven months. We caught with up Taylor to ask him how his body reacted to the game and today’s training session.

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Although it looked and felt as if the skies would open up at any moment during today’s training session, the rain held off and the players got in about an hour and a half of work while staying dry. The activities today were typical of a Revolution training session, with the players broken up into three teams of about seven players apiece. Two teams played a small-sided game, while the other worked on fitness or surrounded the field to provide outlet passes. Every team rotated through to play a few games and get in their fitness work.

Joining the team at training today for the first time was Scott Caldwell, the captain of the Revolution’s Under-18 team and a native of Braintree, Mass. Caldwell, currently a student at the University of Akron, will train with the first team all week. Be sure to check back during the next few days, as we’ll provide pictures and a Q & A.

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  1. Cyrill says:

    Looks good for Twellman. I’m sure that he’s gonna make a sensational comeback this season. probably not this month, but he’s gonna be there when it’s getting much more difficult.
    I think there’s a new talent upcoming. I hope he’s a good player and is able to push the team in one or two years.
    I wish you all the best for the upcoming game versus NY. You guys gonna win, I’m sure.
    Best wishes from a fascinated fan from Switzerland

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