Tonight’s Starting Lineup

Through the magic of technology, we’re bringing you tonight’s lineup while we’re at the stadium. No, our inability to give live updates hasn’t changed. I’ve just figured out the timestamp feature on this blog! ;)

Tonight’s lineup:

Albright ——— Parkhurst ———-Heaps

Coaches have said just about everyone available will play tonight, and that starters will go 45-60 minutes.

Rumor has it that one of our players COULD be playing for both teams tonight. Gee, I wonder who that will be?!?!


  1. rkupp says:

    Looks like Nicol is continuing to experiment with different back lines. First game was a 4 man, with Heaps central, now a 3 man, with Heaps on the left. Interesting.

  2. M.Kingston says:

    Betta we know who would play tonight representing both Bermuda and NE Revs….would the initials be KS? We love this blog…keep it going!

  3. Tim Crawford says:

    Feel free to post updates throughout the game!

  4. kayla says:

    wheres twellmann??????

  5. m. lee says:

    Where is Twellman???

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