Hugo’s House

The “hotel zone” in Cancun is filled with, well, hotels. All lined up one after another, it’s what first comes to mind when you think of Cancun. There are also a large number of higher-end and luxury condos being built along the water.

One such condo – the penthouse suite, in fact – belongs to the head coach of the Mexican National Team himself, Hugo Sanchez. For such a high profile figure in this country, he’s made it very easy to figure out exactly where he lives: there are two massive bronze statues of Hugo during his playing days on the balcony of his condo. Our transportation steward pointed them out to us on our drive to the hotel from the airport on Saturday.

One of the statues is of him halfway through a bicycle kick, and the other is of him with his hands raised in glory (think Rocky when he finally reaches the top of the stairs.)


  1. bwidell says:

    Any idea on when Castro will join the team? What number will he wear?

  2. bwidell says:

    Also, any news on the lineup for this afternoon’s game?

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