From Marvin Lee Stadium

Here we are, Game 1 of the 2008-09 CONCACAF Champions League … literally. We will be the first team to kick off the tournament this evening.

Before we get started with tonight’s match, we have a few facts about the stadium, and Joe Public to wet your appetite for tonight’s match.


(Facts are courtesy of the production crew and director David Bolton, who was nice enough to pass them on at training yesterday.)

Marvin Lee Stadium was renamed in 2003 in honor of Trinidad soccer player Marvin Lee who died at age 21 after a head to head collision with Landon Donavan that resulted in his paralyzation in a Under-20 qualifier between the Americans and Trinidadians on March 20, 2001 at the same venue.

Previously the stadium was known as Joao Havelange Stadium since the former FIFA head was responsible for not only assisting with the initial funding of the stadium, but also the adjacent Center of Excellence, a local Exhibit and Expo hall which will be seen across the field opposite the cameras on Tuesday night’s Concacaf broafcast – the gold and red building.

Population of Trinidad is 45 percent Hindu and 10 percent Muslin. Both immigrant populations arrived from former UK colony India that arrived here mainly in mid 1800s after abolition of slavery to fill a work void on the island. They were offered great incentives by UK government to go to Trinidad to work, some returned but most stayed after falling in love with the island’s Caribbean climate and lifestyle.

The Island of Trinidad is located just 21 miles from Venezuela

Trinidad is a big gas and natural gas producer. Gas still sells for $1.80 a gallon as it’s government subsidized

The other football stadium on island is National Stadium and there are 10 clubs in the pro league on Trinidad, including Joe Public.

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