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Late winter brings about many days like today: cold, windy and wet. Although the Revs are chomping at the bit to get outdoors and kick some grass, I’m sure every last player would opt for the Dana-Farber Igloo, er- Field House on days like today.

One week from now the club will be training on Tobacco Road in North Carolina- the light at the end of the preseason tunnel. But with five training sessions remaining before anyone touches the tarmac, Head Coach Steve Nicol made sure his players kept focus with a full two-hour, drill-heavy training session this morning.

Jog and stretch was immediately followed with soccer tennis, which, you guessed it, is tennis with a soccer ball and soccer rules. Games were broken down into one-on-ones so all players got constant ball work. Confusing if you just walked into it because there were 10 side-by-side games going on simultaneously- even the coaches mixed it up. This hands down seems to be everyone’s favorite drill.

A good sweat was broken before it was time for a passing drill. The squad broke up into 20-yard squares for long passes. The chirping echoed throughout the Field House as it was obvious the players were exercising mouths and legs. Gabriel Badilla, Edgaras Jankauskas and Mauricio Castro were once again relegated to cardio and calisthenics from the sidelines while they rehab injuries. Taylor Twellman also came up and laced up his spikes to get some running and dribbling in.

Following a quick drink, Assistant Coach Steve Myles organized a keep-away drill that spanned the width of the field. The exercise featured two five-man teams on either side of the field with two “monkeys in the middle” so to speak. The two would try to steal or deflect passes from an outer ring of players playing keep-away. Next, the keepers broke from their separate session to defend against a give and go drill. The shots were fast and direct with the keepers backed up into one-on-one matchups.

The final 20 minutes of training was dedicated to full-field 9 vs. 9. Zack Schilawski wasted little time when he tallied for the second time in as many days. A few minutes later, the score was knotted when Chris Tierney dropped a pass down the left sideline to Khano Smith who took a couple dribbles and angled a pass toward the goal. A cutting Kevin Alston found the center pass and sent it to the back of the nylon past Bobby Shuttleworth. Nico Colaluca narrowly missed a go-ahead goal when his offering sailed just above the cross bar from 17 yards out. Just before Coach Nicol blew the final whistle, Tierney dribbled down the left sideline and put a diagonal shot home from 15 yards away.

Though the Field House can be tough on joints and muscles, it provides shelter from New England’s late winter days like today. One look out the windows on the south side of the facility ensures the absence of complaints about training indoors.


  1. Julian says:

    is taylor twellman really close given that he’s actually moving around??? would you say his status is questionable???

  2. jb says:

    given the number of guys out with injuries, perhaps the organization should look to train in a warmer part of the country rather than stick with an indoor environment that is “tough on joints and muscles”.

  3. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Julian – While Taylor is certainly making progress and it’s great to see him out at training with the ball at his feet, the team and doctors are taking every precaution and using a slow progression in his recovery. With a head/neck injury, that’s really the only way to go. He is still yet to join his teammates in any passing drills or games, so to classify him as “really close” wouldn’t be accurate.

    jb – Luckily, the team was able to get down to Orlando for a week of outdoor training last week, and will depart for a two-week trip to North Carolina next Wednesday. That will take us all the way up to the start of the season.

  4. backseat says:

    Khano’s presencse seems noteworthy. He’s definitly been sticking around much longer that some of the other player trials we’ve seen so far. The leads me to believe that there is some reconciliation happening here. That is, the revs needs some offensive fire power, and Khano, when he’s on can certainly deliver. I do think Khano left because he was frusted and he couldn’t contain himself – remember that PK incident we he took the ball and decided on his own to take the shot. When he was off, he was also a weak link that could be seriously exploited. With some time away from the revs and no takers, I’m wondering if he isn’t trying to get back into Stevie’s good graces. with all the injuries on the offensive end, I say take him back but keep him on a short leash. Bad attitude and bad defense were the problems in the past. Let’s make sure we don’t see that again.

  5. Jiminhamilton says:

    I know this isn’t entirely germane but what is the latest on Revs local TV situation for this season? It seems there will be no TV except national games in 2010…? Bad bad news for the long term survival (and I mean that literally) of this franchise.

  6. John says:

    @Backseat Khano never willingly left. He was taken by the Seattle Sounders in the expansion draft and then traded to the Red Bulls. Once his contract with them was terminated he tried his luck overseas with lincoln city on league two. By no means would a “reconciliation” ever have to take place. He came right over to the fort after the last Revs-Red Bulls game.

  7. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Jiminhamilton – The Revolution’s regional broadcast schedule simply hasn’t been announced yet, but an official announcement should be coming very soon. You can rest assured, all of the Revolution’s MLS games will be on TV this year.

  8. Jiminhamilton says:

    Thanks Jeff! Great news!!

  9. Gooners says:

    Who are the three/four trialists (mentioned by Kyle McCarthy) that will join the team in North Carolina?

  10. backseat says:

    ^^ just to be clear – he wasn’t protected by the Revs during the draft – never would have happened if we really wanted him, he was traded to the Red Bulls very quickly where he didn’t see any minutes, and then wasn’t picked up by an overseas team…. not sure I’d agree with your analysis. I think the other teams saw the same problems (and potential).

  11. Julia says:

    will any of the games (besides on espn) be broadcasted in HD?

  12. bush says:

    khano only showed flashes of attacking brilliance, most of the time he lost the ball on the dribble or crossed it behind the goal. To give him credit he did come through in a few clutch situations but IMHO the bad (attitude, lack of defense, poor game decisions) greatly outweighs the positives.

  13. bwidell says:

    ^ All of them will be.

  14. backseat says:

    One last thought on Khano and than I’ll drop it – with Wells gone and Castro still stuggling to stay healthy, a vertern like Khano who knows the Revs has to be seriously considered. My guess is the price tag is pretty reasonable for a 1 yr contract

  15. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Gooners – The completely honest answer is, I don’t know who the trialists will be. However, I will be in North Carolina for the entirety of the trip, so I’ll certainly be reporting on their attendance and progress.

    Julia – bwidell beat me to it, but all regional broadcasts will be in high definition this season … look for an announcement with the details soon.

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