Recapping Thursday

The Dana-Farber Field House was bustling with activity today. Some familiar faces came out, the Revolution media contingent prepped for interviews, a production crew was setting up a green-screen to film some action, and what else? Oh yeah, the Revs held a training session.

Steve Nicol took a slightly different approach to start today’s session. The club began with some calisthenics to loosen up. Immediately following, the players broke out into the circular passing drill again, which has been practiced a few times this week.

A spirited possession drill was next and kept all able-bodied Revs occupied for about 25 minutes. Goalkeeper Matt Reis ventured up to the Field House for some light bike work and no doubt observation. Darrius Barnes sat out with a quad strain he incurred midway through yesterday’s session and Edgaras Jankauskas, Maricio Castro and Gabriel Badilla were again sideline spectators as they recover from various ailments.

Possession drill came to a close and next came a player favorite- the crossing/finishing drill. This exercise, for all intents and purposes, is the soccer equivalent to an alley-oop drill with a couple variations. The soccer drill has one player pass from the sideline to two attackers who can pass or shoot with a keeper between the posts. The crossing/finishing drill is entertaining to watch and seems fun to participate in- no wonder it is a player favorite.

The final 20 minutes were dedicated to full-field 9 vs. 9. This session’s scrimmage featured the most action so far this week. Teammates Kheli Dube and Nico Colaluca were very active on the attack this morning. Zack Schilawski found the net for the third consecutive day during team scrimmage- a nice little run for the rookie. Khano Smith soon evened the score with a high drive down the center and teammate Dube put his squad ahead for less than a minute later.

After getting beat by Schilawski early, Preston Burpo tightened up and made some difficult stops- even stopping Shalrie Joseph on a point blank attempt for the second time in three days. The last few minutes of the scrimmage turned into the Nico & Kheli Show- Colaluca scoring on a rebound, then Colaluca assisting to Dube, and finally, Dube finding a cutting Colaluca on a breakaway.

Play was again spirited but controlled. The Revs have a surplus of rehabbing spectators right now, so the obvious mentality is to get as healthy as possible before the kicks count. Until then, the schedule for the walking wounded is as follows: wake up, treatment, rehab, sleep- lather, rinse and repeat.


  1. Cooper says:

    Not sure what an alley oop drill is… but totally appreciate the write-up. Esp. intrigued by the Dube/Colaluca partnership.

  2. RevRun says:

    I apologize if there is any confusion with the alley-oop analogy. I should have mentioned that the exercise was akin to a basketball drill. Thank you for the kind words.

  3. Jesse says:

    Really getting tired of the rash of injuries these past few seasons. It seems almost comical at this point.

  4. revseye says:

    Jesse –
    Injuries are definitely frustrating, but at least most of the recent injuries this season – Gibbs, Jankauskas, Barnes, Castro – were because of contact during training or scrimmages, or getting cleated hard. Alston’s hamstring was a byproduct of off-season training and never really getting it healed up and rehabbed properly.

  5. Kyle says:

    Will the more recent injuries heal quickly? I don’t mind these guys being out for a week or two in order to be ready for the season, but I won’t be happy if they’re gonna be gone for an extended period of time.

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