Saturday night fever

While sitting at my desk this afternoon I was pondering the offseason and thinking about how quickly the 2010 season would be upon us, with the Revs set to kick off the campaign against the LA Galaxy on March 27. As I write this blog post on the afternoon of March 5, we’re just 22 days away from seeing our boys on the field at The Home Depot Center in a real-live, this-one-actually-counts, regular-season soccer match. Honestly, I get excited just writing that.

Twenty-two days seems close enough, but that’s still a full three weeks. But then I got to thinking about the upcoming trip to North Carolina and the trio of preseason games to be played down south. We depart for N.C. next Wednesday (March 10) and don’t return until the Sunday before the season begins (March 21).

Slowly but surely, I began to piece together a few facts in my head …

1. We have this weekend off.
2. We leave for North Carolina on Wednesday.
3. We play a preseason match against the Charlotte Eagles on Saturday, March 13.
4. We play a preseason match against the Carolina RailHawks on Saturday, March 20.
5. We open the season against the LA Galaxy on Saturday, March 27.

With a quick bit of reasoning and simple mathematics skills (yes folks, I graduated from college!) I was able to deduce this very important fact:

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 6) is the last Saturday without a Revs game until June 12, when I’m pretty sure we’ll all be preoccupied with a little game in South Africa between the U.S. and England.

The lesson to be learned here is that if you were hoping to make weekend plans in the near future, you better hurry up and get it done tomorrow. Because after this weekend, the Revs will be playing on 13 consecutive Saturdays … and you won’t want to miss it.

In other news, we recently got a sneak peek at the all new revolutionsoccer.net (coming soon!) and it looks fantastic. Once this site goes live, the entire method in which Revs fans consume news about their favorite team will change – increased video, audio podcasts, written features, tons of interactive tools – including fan-driven content - and all in shiny new packaging. We’re incredibly excited about the site and we think that the fans will be equally excited when you get your first glimpse. FYI, look out for a couple of fun promo videos advertising the new site in the next couple of weeks (we just shot one of them yesterday, and if it’s half as enjoyable to watch as it was to make, I think it’s going to be pretty popular).

We had a training session on the new platform this afternoon and in the coming weeks we’ll be spending much of our time migrating information from the old site to the new site, all while tinkering with the design and making it as accessible as possible for the fans. With that said, we plan on bringing you continued daily coverage throughout the next couple of weeks – especially during the trip to North Carolina – but we’ll also be very focused on making sure the new site is ready to go when the time comes. So if a day or two goes by and it seems like we haven’t updated the site much, we deeply apologize, but we promise we’re not slacking – we just really want the new site to be perfect when it launches. For what it’s worth, we really think it’s going to be worth it.

So it’s 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon … go enjoy your weekend! And keep in mind that it’s the last Saturday night you’ll have to spend without the Revs for a long, long time.


  1. Kyle says:

    I’m curious to know what kind of video coverage is gonne be available to us internet-based fans. Will we get (at least) highlight reels or (at most) streaming coverage of the matches or something like that? Anything is fine since I understand they’re not regular season matches and thus do not demand the same amount of resources, but I’d like to know.

  2. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Kyle – At the least, we’re hoping to provide some highlights of the on-field action from the games in N.C. Of course, what we can provide might depend on the logistics of the field for each game. For instance, the scrimmage against Duke is being played on a practice field and won’t really have facilities to shoot the action except from the sidelines.

    As for live streaming coverage, I don’t believe we’ll have anything for the Charlotte Eagles or Duke games. The possibility exists for the RailHawks game if the RailHawks have streaming coverage – in which case we would link to that here.

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