The final countdown begins in N.C.

An early morning flight out of Boston – and I do mean early morning flight – landed the Revs in North Carolina shortly after 10 a.m. this morning, and the team will spend the next 12 days here while making final preparations for the 2010 season opener on March 27. By the time we return to Foxborough, the season will literally be just days away, so this N.C. excursion is truly the final countdown.

There is much to be discovered during the course of the next two weeks, with perhaps the most intriguing questions surrounding trialists Gareth Williams, Marko Perovic and Andres Raad. Williams arrived in N.C. ahead of the Revs and was at this afternoon’s team lunch (where he met most of the guys), while Perovic and Raad are expected to arrive from separate destinations this afternoon.

All three should be at the club’s training session later this afternoon (3 p.m.), although there won’t be much opportunity to impress today, because rumor has it that today’s workout will be light and will most likely feature just a jog and stretch.

Of course, the trio will be around until March 18 and will have multiple training sessions and a pair of preseason matches to display their skills. I’ll be at each session and every game, keeping you up to date on all of the happenings while we’re here in N.C.

After a light lunch, most of the guys are taking a couple of free hours to settle into their rooms (a.k.a. “home” for the next 12 days) and I’m sure more than a few are getting in a nap before today’s session. For now, I’m going to unpack and settle in for a bit, but we’ll have full coverage of today’s session later on this afternoon/early evening.

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