The Day After and Today

So, we apologize for the lack of postgame comments. There is no other excuse that our dinner reservation was a lot later than we originally discussed, so that pretty much killed the night. And today turned into nap day as the heat, sun and humidity caught up to a lot of folks after training.

So here we go …

The game against Pioneros got chippy in the second half, but some cards throughout the game could be considered questionable. Then again, there were some calls both ways that went unwhistled, so in the end it evens out. Except the 6-2 difference in cards wasn’t that apparent during the game.

Neither goalkeeper was tested in the game, and the goal that was scored in the second minute was more a product of a defensive breakdown with the left back than anything else. Once the forward was past his defender, there wasn’t much Brad Knighton could do as he was pretty close and had several angles on the goal to shoot.

A mild version of the flu is beginning to run through the team right now and a few players are starting to feel the effects. We thought we could get away from it, but it seems that we brought it with us on the plane down.

Players’ versatility was shown last night as several players took up spots other than their normal “Revs” positions. Jay Heaps started the game in the middle of a four-man defense, than moved back out to the right after the half. Amaechi Igwe, who has mostly played at left back or center back for the Revs reserves, played left wing in the 4-4-2 in the second half. Khano Smith split the game in two positions, playing the first half on the left wing and the moving up top for the second. Only three players – Khano, Michael Parkhurst and Kenny Mansally – played all 90 minutes.

Pioneros is a Segunda Division team in Mexico, but it’s really the third professional level in the country. Consider it Mexico’s equivalent of the USL-2 in the U.S. Most of the players are between 17 and 21 years of age, and the club has a relationship with Atlante, the Primera Division team that relocated to Cancun this season.

The drive to the stadium is through downtown Cancun, which is very different from the areas commonly frequented by tourists. It’s a very crammed, busy, noisy metropolis with packed streets and thousands of people. As the sun was setting when we were headed back to our hotel, it provided some pretty cool scenes.


  1. rkupp says:

    The downtown sounds like a lot of mexican tourist resorts. There are the touristy, beach areas and then there are the places where people live, work and shop. It’s often like two completely different worlds.

  2. Matt says:

    Hmm…Khano up top and Igwe on the wing. Is there any indication that this might be something new to look for or was it just some different looks during preseason?

  3. Becky Alvarado says:

    Wish I could watch the team play so when do you return to the US & leave for New Orleans?

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