Twellman and Reis on the mend

I’ve spent much of the past few days talking about trialists and newcomers, but it’s important not to forget that it’s been a core group of players which have made the Revolution one of the most successful teams in Major League Soccer the past eight years. While it’s true that some players have moved on and the roster is evolving, a few of those critical pieces are still around and will hopefully play a major role in the club’s performance this season.

Two of the club’s most veteran players are Taylor Twellman and Matt Reis, both of whom are currently rehabbing from long-term injuries. Luckily for us, both are with the team in North Carolina, so we’ll be able to get a daily glimpse at their rehab. Here’s a quick update from today …

Taylor Twellman – As  he has been doing the past few weeks, Twellman began his workout this morning with an extended ride on the exercise bike, while he finished with some calisthenics work with the exercise band.

In between, he did some medium-paced “sprints” (running faster than a jog, but well below full speed) and even threw in some reps with the ball at his feet (as seen below). The process is a slow and laborious one, for sure, but it’s certainly moving along and it’s encouraging to see him lace up the boots and at least dribble the ball a bit. As an FYI for the near future, we do plan to sit down with Twellman for an interview so he can explain exactly where he is in the rehab process.


Matt Reis – As mentioned yesterday, Reis is on schedule with all of his rehabiliation as he aims to return from both shoulder and knee surgery. Today he worked briefly with head athletic trainer Sean Kupiec on some calisthenics (seen below) before working with the exercise bands.


And of course, rehabbing or not rehabbing, Matt Reis is Matt Reis. Below he demonstrates the type of lighthearted attitude which has previously won him awards for being the league’s best prankster.



One thing which is clear after just two days on this trip – both Twellman and Reis are in great spirits.


  1. paul says:

    Can’t wait to see these two guys back in action. We need them now more than ever.

  2. backseat says:

    Thanks guys! Great to see what I think is the first dedicated update on two kep players that we the fans really want to know more about. I’ve got goosebumps just seeing Twellman in the yellow boots, on the pitch, while pushing a ball down the line with pace. Can’t wait to see same photo with a defender behind him :-)

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