Videira and Shuttleworth help kids “Be Active”

You might assume that a professional soccer player’s obligations are finished once the final whistle blows to end a training session or a match. Admittedly, sometimes that is the case (as outlined in the “What to do on an off day in N.C.” blog post from Sunday afternoon).

More often than not, however, Revolution players spend their afternoons helping out in the community any way that they can – from school appearances, to food drives to autograph signings. Such was the case this afternoon for Mike Videira and Bobby Shuttleworth, who spent an hour speaking to a group of approximately 200 children at the Fox Road Elementary School in Raleigh, N.C.

Videira and Shuttleworth joined Carolina RailHawks Floyd Franks and Sallieu Bundu in supporting the Be Active program, which promotes physical activity and healthy eating habits for children.

The children in attendance received tips on healthy snacks from the players, and a few lucky students were chosen to participate in a dribbling drill in front of their classmates. While Videira’s group finished in last place (and thus had to perform five star jumps as “punishment”), he claims he should’ve won by disqualification because the other three groups didn’t complete the drill properly.

To close out the day, four teachers were given the chance to juggle the ball as many times as they could (twice each), and their entire total was then multiplied by three. It was then up to Videira and Franks to beat their score on their own. While they came close, I believe the pros ultimately fell by a score of approximately 90 – 80. (The teachers were led by one specific star, who got in about 15 touches before dropping the ball.)

All of the students were presented with a free voucher for Saturday night’s game between the Revs and RailHawks at WakeMed Soccer Park, so hopefully many of them will make it out to the stadium and cheer on the athletes they got up close and personal with this afternoon.

I was on hand to shoot some video and I spoke with both Videira and Shuttleworth about the experience, so be sure to check back for that piece tomorrow.

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