Man Down!

It’s a fairly common occurrence to have people fall during training, especially here in Cancun because the fields are so hard and the guys’ cleats aren’t sticking. However, we never thought we’d witness what happened today: we almost lost Stevie Nic!

It all started when we needed the goals moved to near midfield for a small-sided game. You see, these aren’t normal QuickGoal structures that we have at home. Those only take 2-4 rookies to move when needed. These are old-school, steel, mega-monsters that weigh a TON. In fact, yesterday when they were bringing them out to the field, it took a small pick-up and about 10 workers to get them in place. Needless to say, they don’t move much.

Today, we needed a goal near midfield today. Knowing how big these things are, the first thought was to just use corner flags to delineate where the goal posts were at that end of the mini field. But then a few veterans decided that if the whole team helped, they could get the goals moved. Simple enough.

Well, after the got it to midfield, Steve wasn’t quite happy where it landed and wanted it back about five yards. The guys tried to push it back but it wasn’t budging, so they ended up pushing and lifting — except Stevie didn’t know that. Next thing we know, he’s falling on the ground and the back side of the next is either on him or about to fall on him. It was really comical once we determined he was OK. I mean, talk about a team taking out their frustrations on their coach, huh?

But it all ended well: Stevie got up, they played the 8v8 game and we all ended up on our way back to the hotel shortly after 11 a.m. Not bad for a quick day’s work.

Of course, the staff and players were thrilled to find out yours truly got a pic of the event for all the world to see:

Good to know that if Stevie ever falls again, Brad Knighton won’t be jumping in to help by the looks of the picture above!

View more photos from training here >> 


  1. Jimmy Chowda says:

    That’s awesome.

  2. Kel says:

    Hahahahaha aw poor Stevie.

  3. Kel says:

    ps, this blog is amazing.

  4. jw says:

    Steve, being true to his Liverpool roots, teaches the boys what a REAL dive looks like!

  5. rkupp says:

    Brad must’ve had his “good” gloves on – don’t wanna touch anything but ball with those.

  6. Carey EB says:

    Good lesson-pay attention or you’ll get run over! Nice to see teamwork even from the

  7. bwidell says:

    Will there be a video/audio feed available (from anyone) for tonight’s match? I doubt it, but that’d be nice.

    What about another live play-by-play here on the blog?

  8. Solnishka says:

    Yeah, that a play-by-play would be awesome (audio/video even better, of course).

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