Pride at stake on Wednesday night

Prior to the current three-game home-stand – which wraps up on Wednesday night against Chivas USA – I spoke about how critical this opportunity was for the Revolution to rack up some points early in the season. After all, this represented the Revs’ longest home-stand of the regular season and a chance to position themselves near the top of the Eastern Conference as we inch closer to the World Cup break in June.

Now two-thirds of the way into the home-stand, things haven’t exactly panned out the way the club would’ve liked. A loss to the Colorado Rapids and a draw with FC Dallas have left the Revolution with just one point from a possible six, and as a result, the spotlight now shines on Chivas USA’s visit this Wednesday night as the Revs look to salvage a victory from the home-stand.

With some of the club’s top players sidelined (Shalrie Joseph, Taylor TwellmanMatt Reis), the Revs know that they must dig in their heels in order to grind out some positive results in the coming weeks.

I spoke with both Darrius Barnes and Pat Phelan after training today, and one of the questions I asked was about pride. I wanted to know if the players felt a sense of responsibility to defend their home field and at least grab one victory as the home-stand comes to a close. Here’s what they had to say …

Darrius Barnes
“This is a big one. This will be a big game for us. If we can get a win coming out here on Wednesday, that’ll put us right back in the mix of things. I definitely look at this – in my eyes – as a must-win game for us, especially with this being the last game of the home-stand. We don’t want to go winless in this home-stand. So we want to go into these next couple games that we have in May on a high note.”

Pat Phelan
“I think the fans aren’t too happy with the product we’re putting on the field right now, and deservedly so. We want to go out on a bright note. We want to pick up three points before we head into a tough game in Columbus.”


  1. KJ says:

    Pride is good but midfield control is better… Dube’s hustle and Burpo’s heroics saved a tie for the Revs last Saturday, but where is the midfield? I am very worried that the pattern of the last two games, where the Revs were unable to hold the ball, put the defense under constant pressure. Frustration over this can lead to aggressive defense that leads to red cards, or what’s worse, the officials will be anticipating such play and get trigger happy with their ultimate “ballistic weapon.” As we’ve seen in recent seasons, the officials often see red-card violations when no one else in the stadium does.
    In the absence of more restraint by the officials on red cards, the Revs need to figure out how to settle down and get control of play. Without Shalrie, they’ve got to find an answer, or else it’s going to be a very long and disappointing season.

  2. d... says:

    Saturday was another poor performance, pretty sad season so far and it is passing by fast. Niouky and Phelan shouldnt be on the team nevermind starting, i feel like a broken record, every game i come home completely disappointed and not entertained…

  3. cammiev says:

    I also hope some of the dings and limping I saw on Saturday aren’t that serious. Schilowski, Sinovic, and Alston took a few hard hits…how are they doing?
    I’m beginning to think we do better in a 5 man midfield…with Niouky out, we need to make some changes, anyway.

  4. Jim says:

    This is going to be pretty ugly, on the field and in the stands. I’m hoping we can at least pull out a tie considering the injuries and suspensions.

    P.S. Where the heck is Castro?

  5. Jeff Lemieux says:

    cammiev – Yesterday’s training session consisted of just a jog and stretch for the starters, so we’ll get an idea of how those three are doing today during a more normal session. Look out for the injury report this afternoon, which should provide some insight.

    Jim – Mauricio Castro is healthy and available for selection, although I’m sure he’s still getting a certain level of fitness back. He has been training full with the team for the past couple of weeks.

  6. rkupp says:

    Jeff, please give us some info on how Osei got injured and how long he is likely to be out.

  7. baldeagle_6918 says:

    Players haven’t performed except for individual highlights. Its time that the players act and play like professionals!!!!! Maybe the coaches should work them harder and the organization should demand a bit more. Oh yeah like the latter will happen!!!!

  8. Levich says:

    Many of these comments are right on. I agree that Phelan should not see the bench, let alone the field. He can’t win a ball, he can’t hold a ball, he can’t distribute a ball, he can’t shoot a ball. However, Niouky does an alright job and looks to show some promise. Osei should not be on the field either. He makes so many mistakes and lapses in judgment.

    Here’s the issue…
    Back line= Sinovic, Gibbs, Barnes, Alston
    Midfield= Nyassi, Perovic, ??, ??
    Strikers= Dube or Mansally, Shilwaski

    You can’t even fill a four man midfield, let alone a five man midfield. Mansally or Khano might be able to play right midfield, but who is going to be in the back of the midfield? Your best options right now are Tierney and Niouky (as bad as that sounds). Bottom line Phelan needs to go and Mansally needs to play more.

  9. David W. says:

    I for one am not questioning the team’s heart or passion. I think the hard-fought 1-1 draw against Dallas proved that the team is willing to work hard and fight for every point. I salute their endeavor. However, the team’s performance is a question of ability, and they are still lacking in that. You can tell our midfield misses guys like Ralston and Larentowicz who could hold AND pass. Without our stars in Joseph and Twellman, there’s no hiding that this Revolution team doesn’t have the skill or experience yet to take us to the playoffs. And to be honest I do blame the head office for not putting more cash into the roster to keep some of the players we had or to find some solid new talent to bring into the club. This could be a disappointing season.

  10. Jeff Lemieux says:

    rkupp – I believe there will be some additional information on Osei in the Injury Report this afternoon … check the main site in a bit for that.

  11. joe says:

    We do have a midfield problem, how about putting together Perovic and Colaluca in the midfield. Castro should start, but for now will come on as a sub if the Perovic Colaluca combo fails to jell. With Two starters out on red cards look for Nicol to use Mansally and Jankauska.

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