Game Follow Up

This will be brief since after that game, we’re all tired from the game and the hour-long drive back.

The technical staff all agrees that – although it was a loss – it was a great game for the guys. It was solid competition and there was a great intensity on the field. To fall 1-0 to the reigning Mexican champions, who are eight games into their season, when we’re just in our fourth preseason game, it’s not a bad result.

The field was a bit rough on both teams as the humidity in the air kept it slick. There was one area right in front of the Atlante bench that took out a few players, and then another patch near the top of the penalty area at that same end of the field. Both teams saw players slip in those areas repeatedly and, especially the one near the goal, it hurt the team’s attacking options.

Neither keeper was really tested tonight, as Matt’s saves were pretty routine. On the Revs’ defensive end, only one shot challenged him, but it was wide although he still dove for it. Atlante’s keeper didn’t make a save as the Revs’ shots were all high or wide.

It was good to get a solid chunk of the starters to get a full 90 minutes in tonight, especially under the conditions and circumstances.

Neither New England forwards got many looks tonight as Atlante’s defenders were all over them. Atlante as a whole closed down pretty quickly and really pressured the Revs all night. The Revs did well, too, but you could tell the difference between a team in season and one in preseason.

Midway through the second half, the bench counted how many players had cautions on each side and chuckled. In fact, when Wells got his card, most of the tetam thought it was his second of the night … that’s how confusing it got.

That’s it for tonight then. Overall, it’s been a good trip and it’s been nice to get into some warm weather, hot sun and have good competition. We’ll fly back home on Friday afternoon, and then after three days off – Saturday, Sunday and Monday – the team will have two more indoor sessions before taking off on the last trip of the preseason.


  1. brianLBI says:

    Thanks for the update. Can you enlighten your readers as to the status of Mauricio Castro and Argenis Ferandes?

  2. rkupp says:

    Bermuda: mission accomplished
    Cancun: mission accomplished

    New Orleans: get the injured back, get some of the visa-less players going, get Castro in.

  3. backseat says:

    SJ – get that ball in the back of the net next time!!!!!!!!!!!! We need 7-10 goals from you this season if we’re going to be serious contenders this year. That over the top and off the crossbar stuff just ain’t gonna cut it this year.

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