GameDay: Revs vs. Chivas USA

As usual, here is Jeff Lemieux‘s GameDay video, giving you all the info you need for tonight’s match against Chivas USA at Gillette Stadium.

We also have some news for you on the RevsWrap front. In the words of Bill O’Reilly, “We’ll do it live!” (Warning: link contains 18+ language).

That’s right, RevsWrap returns live following tonight’s match, and will run in the beta version of our brand new video player. Send your questions to RevsTV@revolutionsoccer.net.

You can check out the player here. And as always with anything we do here at revolutionsoccer.net, any feedback you have on this beta version of the video player itself is more than welcome in the comments section. Just keep it clean (unlike Mr. O’Reilly).


  1. David W. says:

    Good luck tonight, Revs. Stay disciplined and try to have some fun out there. We need the win but it is Cinco de Mayo after all. Let’s blank ‘em! Go Revs!

  2. KyRevFan says:

    Let’s get me and Kevin a birthday present tonight against those goats. Nothing like a Revolution win for your birthday.

  3. Cyrill says:

    Hey guys, I wish all the best for that match against. As David W. said, stay diciplined against them and use your chances. It’ll be surely a difficult match, so give your best like everytime and prevent stupid fouls and loss of possession. You defended very well against Dallas last Saturday, try to do the same in the offense and the midfield. You already showed you can.

    Best wishes from Switzerland

  4. S.Gecko says:

    Revolution ’til I die! Play a good game tonight Revs and do what you do best. We’ll be rooting for you!

  5. backseat says:

    I actually liked the way the game started – I thought we were holding our own right up to the red card. First goal was unfortunate.

    As much as I like Pat’s work ethic in the middle I think we’ve got try someone else there. I think he’s been given a fair shot at it and I think he’d be a great sub with this recent experience. He short on speed, can’t take a player on to open things up, doesn’t show much creativity with his outlet passes. Next week let’s see Tierney, Castro, and Nouky in the middle and see what they can do. Sub Pat in to the game around the 70th for some fresh legs. Tactically we need to do something about the middle…

  6. Levich says:

    Backseat, you’re almost there. Phelan should not be on the team. He actually played quite well last night (for him). He made a few blocks, won a few headers, and had one shot that looked pretty decent, but that’s about it. The rest of the time, he was virtually nonexistent. Like you said, he can’t run, pass, poor at winning balls, and can’t stop opposing play through the midfield. It’s time for him to go.

    Niouky and Tierney should be in the midfield with Nyassi and Castro (maybe Khano) on the wings. Put Perovic as an attacking midfielder. Play 3 backs…Gibbs, Barnes, Alston and put Shilawski and Mansally up top. That is your best lineup. Obviously, if/when Joseph or Twellman come back, they have to be in. Sinovic has done well, but he’s too slow and is a liability as a starter. He should be a late sub.

    This still leaves a relatively weak midfield, but there is nobody to plug in that can control the game and create scoring opportunities. I sure do miss Ralston and Larentowitz…

  7. backseat says:

    Revs wrap -
    How about some candid analysis about the three man backline vs the four man back line. It seems you’ve been overly cautious about letting us know you thoughts. If you were the coach, would you stick with the four man back line, and if so why? If we go to a three man-back line, who do you play on the back and what tactical advantage do we gain by going to three? Time to take the mitts off and add some depth to your reporting!

  8. Alex says:

    Phelan was a back up at Toronto – that’s all you need to know about this guy. He needs to be benched, but for whom? The answer is in the designated player…The Kraft’s have to see that there is a void of quality in the team, while we wait for Joseph and Twellman to return. However, by then, the play off’s will be a distant dream. Watch out for Liverpool, for when Benitez leaves and he will, they’ll come knocking on Stevie’s door, unless we can give him better quality ( or more experienced players to work with). We have youth, we have energy and we lack experience and that is killing us. Even last night, Perovic, who should know better, lashes out and gets sent off. Since Osei went down we have looked shaky at the back. Stick with a solid back 4, but try and trade for an experienced left defender as Sinovic has been thrown to the lions too early. Nicol will get it right, but he needs some help from the Kraft’s.

  9. cammiev says:

    Phelan was a bench player last year, and I think the plan was to slot him in behind Shalrie to get some real experience. Well, that didn’t happen, so we have an inexperienced tandem of Phelan and Niouky, one a backup and one new to the team. There had to be a learning curve, but do we have enough time? And last night was another experiment which seemed okay until that red card…it didn’t look like an intentional elbow, just trying to get away and up! After that, just, ugh. Time to file it away and hopefully learn something from this.

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