What’s your 23?

Everyone knows that the really big soccer game this week doesn’t happen until Saturday night at 8 p.m., when the Revs host the New York Red Bulls at Gillette Stadium.

But in the meantime, there’s a game some of you might be interested in going on in East Hartford, Conn., tonight. With less than three weeks before the U.S. National Team takes on England in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the Nats tests themselves tonight against the Czech Republic at Renstchler Field (8 p.m. ET, ESPN).

The importance of tonight’s match was already paramount – the performance, not the result – as this is one of just three games the U.S. will play before taking on England to start the group stage. The meaning of this match was enhanced for those on the World Cup bubble, however, as head coach Bob Bradley has announced that he’ll name his final 23-man roster tomorrow afternoon, before the team plays its final tuneup match on home soil against Turkey on Saturday. That means the fate of some of these players could literally hinge on tonight’s performance. No pressure, right?

So, what’s your final 23-man roster? Feel free to wait until after tonight’s match to make your decisions.


  1. DavidW. says:

    Starting 11: Howard-Bocanegra-DeMerit-Onyewu(even without playing time)-Spector-Donovan-Bradley-Clark-Holden-Altidore-Dempsey

    Reserves:Guzan,Bornstein, Cherundolo, Goodson, Marshall, Beasley, Bedoya, Edu, Feilhaber,Torres,Johnson, Buddle (because he works well with Donovan)

    Of course I’m pretty sure Bob Bradley WILL be taking Brian Ching, will be starting Ching up front with Altidore, and will be doing so instead of bringing either Buddle or Johnson (or Gomez or Findley for that matter). But I want to make it clear that I disagree with even bringing Ching despite his past contributions to the National Team. He’s too old these days and plays too much like Altidore (but not as well). It should be time to move on… but…

  2. Revsfan says:

    No Conor Casey?

  3. DavidW. says:

    Thankfully Casey didn’t even make it to the 30-man. He’s a great target man for the MLS (and has roots in my home town of Dover,NH), but is a bit too slow and clumsy for the world stage.

  4. Cyrill says:

    Hey guys

    I agree mostly with DavidW’s prediction. I’d rather put Beasley in the starting line-up in left midfield because of his speed and larger experience on that position than Clark or Holden.
    Also, Edu MUST be in the starting line-up. He had a good season in Scotland and is definitely one of the best defensive midfielder in USMNT. Moreover, Bradley and Edu understand each other quite well.
    I’m not quite sure about Donovan’s and Dempsey’s position. They’re for sure in the starting line-up but I’m not sure if it’s better if Dempsey’s playing as a drawn back stricker or rather right (offensive) midfielder. I’m sure, Bob Bradley will make the appropriate decision on that.

    Buddle is probably hot at the moment, but I don’t think that he will make it in the team. Buddle is a player who has to start and there’s no way that he’ll get the spot of Dempsey, Altidore or probably also Donovan, so he must be a substitute. Due to the similar play of Ching with Altidore, Ching has the better card. But finally, Herculez Gomez will get that spot because of his ability to decide difficult matches in the last 15 minutes, coming of the bench. Against the world’s top teams, you always have to make an impact in the last minutes, especially against Germany which could be an opponent for the US. The Germans’ mentality to never give up until the final whistle makes them that dangerous. I think that Gomez can give the US that ability to remain dangerous ’till the final whistle.

    Best wishes from Switzerland

    P.S.: I hope the US won’t play against Switzerland. It’ll be quite difficult to fan for two teams simultaneously.

  5. backseat says:

    Went to the game last night. 36k there which was pretty sweet (minus the traffic at the end of the game)
    Holden, Torres, & Gomez looked great! No one could figure out how to get the ball to Johnson so he was worthless. Buddle looked slow – when he needed the extra burst, it just wasn’t there.
    Based on what I saw last night, I’d take Gomez over Buddle. I suspect Ching will go but I’m not convinced he should be going.
    Recently I’ve found Beasley to be more off than on. Last night he looked great (he was dangerous and played some very tough defense). If he continues to play like that in the next few matches I say book him a ticket.
    Bocenegra, Kljestan, and Pearce were TERRIBLE. Based on last night I’d take away their passports so that Bob doesn’t have a choice about bringing them.

  6. Kyle says:

    Bocanegra didn’t play last night. And am I the only one who thinks Altidore has no business being on the National Team? IMO if you can’t hussle, there is no room for you on a soccer field.

  7. Dave W. says:

    Yeah, Bocanegra sat last night, so I think the other useless full-back you were probably alluding to was Jonathan Bornstein. He gets caught out of position constantly and gives up stupid free kicks to make up for his mistakes. We desperately need more help in the back.

  8. Dave W. says:

    Fox just put up Bob Bradley’s final 23-man roster: http://msn.foxsports.com/foxsoccer/worldcup/story/bradley-announces-23-man-us-roster

  9. backseat says:

    ^ whups

    One other random note, I did see TONS of revolution shirts and jerseys at the game. That was very cool :-)

  10. d3 says:

    Not much of a MLS advertisement. 4 players represent the league and only donovan has the ability to impress, the others will more likely make the league look worse.

  11. Dave W. says:

    I’m surprised I was wrong about Ching making the 23. I’d like to say I’m happy about the decison, but Ching got left behind in favor of Robbie Findley who isn’t an improvement. I’m hoping Buddle and/or Gomez show us they belong in his place.

    I also hope Kevin Alston proves that he’s an option for the US in full-back by the next World Cup. The Revs need another national representative.

  12. joe says:

    Case and point for the US team chances this World Cup? Maybe the second round, but the back four is all beat-up and that is not good. It maybe boring to watch, but you need a solid defense to progress in the World Cup and this defense is shaky. And by the way, Bocanegra better stay off the chicken wings and hamburgers. And Onyewu is lucky that Milan is going to keep him, as he will be playing for no pay.

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