UPDATED: For fans looking to send Preston Burpo well wishes …


By now hopefully everyone has heard the news that goalkeeper Preston Burpo underwent successful reduction surgery on Sunday at Massachusetts General Hospital after suffering a distal tibia/fibula fracture on Saturday night. We’ve been told that Preston is in good spirits, and we’re sure that a big reason for that is all of the well wishes he’s been receiving from coaches, teammates and fans.

With that in mind, we wanted to provide an easy way for fans to send messages to Preston wishing him well in his recovery, so we’ve set up a public e-mail address for him specifically for this purpose: prestonburpo24@gmail.com.

Preston will be checking that e-mail address, so if you’d like to send messages of support, that’s the place to do it.

UPDATE: Preston forward this message along to everyone …  “I’d like to thank my family, friends and members of the soccer community for all the messages wishing me well.  All of the support has been overwhelming.  I look forward to making contact and thanking everyone as I progress through my rehab.”


  1. Lina Gruca says:

    My family and I were very sad to see you get hurt. We hope that you will have a quick and smooth recovery.

    Best Wishes!!

    The Gruca Family

  2. backseat says:

    Awesome! Thanks guys

  3. Cyrill says:

    Guys, I thank you very much on that opportunity to send well wishes to Preston Burpo. You’re definitely the best online team in soccer worldwide.

    Best wishes from Switzerland

  4. cammiev says:

    Thanks for doing this. I hope Preston realizes the respect and affection the fans have for him. I hope I never see an injury like that again: talk about sacrificing your body for your team…and he’d probably do it again!

  5. Tony Lopes says:

    Hi Preston,
    I seat at the bottom corner of sec 115.
    I obeserved you being taken away. My family
    and I wish You the fasted and pain free recovery. You were having of best games I’ve
    seen. Listen to the doctors and have a safe return.
    Our prayers are with you.

  6. Jeff Lamanna says:


    I want to wish you the best on your recovery. You are a great keeper and hope you can get back to the pitch soon. My thoughts are with you and your family.


  7. Hal Sandstrom says:

    Preston (P-stone),
    I feel like I know you through our mutual friend, Geoff, with whom I coach adaptive skiing at Loon. It’s great watching you play for our Revs and I look forward to your full recovery and future success with the club.
    Best wishes,

  8. nick s says:

    watched the game and knew right away it was a break.i wish you the speediest of recovery’s.

  9. Patches says:


    Although I have heard about this horrific ordeal thru the website, I want to wish you all the best in a healthy and safe recovery. It’s a shame that this had to happen, but it’s something you can’t predict.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family, as you travel down the road to recovery.


  10. Frenette Family says:

    Our family would like to wish you a speedy recovery and let you you will be missed! Also we would like to thank you for the great job you have done for the team.
    Best wishes.
    The Frenette Family

  11. bill morrison says:

    preston, i’m a big fan, you were fun to watch, and wish you well with your recovery, you are a brave guy and my prayers are with you, brother

  12. The Brennan Family says:


    I hope you are doing well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. We hope for a speedy recovery.

    The Brennan Family

  13. Michele Campbell says:


    I am a big fan of yours and I wish you a full recovery

  14. Hernandez Family says:

    We all watched your last game and were horrified by your serious injury. We’re all wishing you a complete and smooth recovery.
    We also couldn’t help but notice that as we showed it to visiting friends on DVR (yes, we record all the revolution games), you were the only figure that was too blurry to see clearly – even on slow motion. Obviously this is because you were the one most committed to that last 50/50 ball. You were absolutely flying to get there first – you did. We have appreciated all of your skills and efforts for our beloved Revolution soccer team. Please come back healthy and recovered as soon as possible!
    Robin, Charles, Charlie and Andrew Hernandez

  15. S. Longo says:


    On behalf of all Revolution fans, I want to thank you for your incredible
    tenacity in goal and the fantastic job you’ve done for the team this season!

    Get well – and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  16. Christian Gonzalez says:


    Get well soon preston..this injury is not career ending at all.. your a Goalkeeper..depending on your recovery you will be back in the line up next season. im not a Revs fan but just stopped by to wish you well.

  17. Mike Ferreira says:

    Get well soon!

  18. Andrew Bombara says:

    Thank you for being so great this year and I hope your recovery will go smooth and fast and I can not wait to see you back out on the field being the great goalkeeper you are best of luck Preston

  19. Emma Jenkins says:

    Hi Preston I am a huge Red Bulls fan but i want to send u my heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope to see u on the pitch very soon i have become a big fan of you as well.
    Peace Emma

  20. Dan Jarvis says:

    Preston I sit in section 106. I was there Saturday night when I saw you get injuried. I wish you the best of luck though recovery and everything you have to go though.. The revs family and fans will be thinking of you and hope you get better soon.

  21. Christina says:

    Burpo- you were doing an amazing job and made all Revolution fans feel very confident with you in the goal. We have become big fans of you and wish you a speedy recovery! Go Revs!!!

  22. backseat says:

    Some saves define a player while other saves set the bar for every player that ever thinks of playing the position. Sorry the resolution isn’t better but I’ll never foget you hurling yor body on this one – the Albatross is coming at ya and there’s nothing you can do!!!! Can’t wait to see you at it again!!!www.flickr.com/photos/43138245@N07/4669157103/sizes/l/

  23. Regina Hubbard says:

    Preston, Thank you for all the contributions you’ve made to the team, and all the great moments you’ve provided to the fans! I wish you a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see you in Foxboro SOON!!!

    Regina Hubbard

  24. Stan says:

    Preston is not only a great goalkeeper, but also a very classy guy.

    He always has time for his fans, so it is terrible what has happened.

    Preston you are in all of our thoughts and prayers, and on behalf of all soccer fans we are hoping you get well soon!

  25. Chris says:

    Yes, this is late, but I can’t just not say something; you are one of the most inspirational goalkeepers to have put on a Revolution jersey and my sister and I have the utmost respect for you. For your fans and for your team and for your family and for yourself, we hope you get well soon.

  26. Z says:

    I hate to pry…but I am hoping for good news on the healing front. Any news someone can share on how Preston is doing? I check the web every month and I am not finding updates.



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