Off to see the Sounders in the Emerald City

It’s Thursday morning here in Foxborough and the players and staff are gathering at Gillette Stadium in preparation for this afternoon’s cross-country trip to Seattle. As is customary with all extensive road trips, the Revs are heading out to the Pacific Northwest a day early to get acclimated to the time change and get in a training session on Friday afternoon.

It could certainly be said that things are looking up for the Revs as they pack their bags for a visit to the Emerald City. Sure, one win (against a Red Bulls team playing with nine men) after a seven-game winless streak does not make everything instantly click, but anyone watching last weekend’s victory will have noticed a huge improvement in the possession game and some increasingly dangerous attacking threats. And yes, the emotion of the win was overshadowed by the loss of goalkeeper Preston Burpo, but the Revs have found a renewed sense of togetherness as a result of the incident.

On top of that, it’s looking more and more likely that the Revs could welcome back a couple of their injured players this weekend in Seattle. Emmanuel Osei hasn’t played since the third game of the season, missing eight games with a right leg infection, but he has been upgraded to “Probable” on the injury report and took part in full training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. Cory Gibbs missed last weekend’s victory over New York with a right hamstring strain, but he was listed as “Questionable” on Tuesday’s injury report and like Osei, he trained full in both sessions this week.

If both Osei and Gibbs are healthy enough to suit up for the Revs on Saturday night, it would be a huge boost to a team currently lacking in central defenders. With Darrius Barnes (R ankle sprain) also sidelined, the Revolution’s central defensive pairing against New York consisted of midfielders Pat Phelan and Joseph Niouky. While they filled in admirably, Osei and Gibbs would provide stability in the back while allowing Phelan and Niouky to return to their natural positions in midfield.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the weekend, beginning with coverage of the Revolution’s training session on Friday afternoon in Seattle. By that point, we’ll know who was healthy enough to travel, and we’ll have video with a couple of the players and a written preview. That, of course, is all leading up to Saturday, when we’ll have our usual “Revolution Soccer Game Day” and ”Revolution Soccer Postgame” video pieces, along with a written game recap and sidebar.

See you in the Emerald City!


  1. jon says:

    What would our midfield look like now?
    I like this lineup:
    G: Shuttleworth
    D: Alston, Osei, Gibbs, Sinovic
    M: Nyassi, Joseph, Phelan, Tierney, Perovic
    F: Schilawski

  2. drew says:

    new website coming soon?
    yes? no? maybe?

  3. Alex says:

    I agree with Jon’s back 4. However, rather than one up top, I would have Perovic play in the hole behind Schilawski.
    With people coming back from injury, then things are certainly looking up. Matt Reis will be on the field soon and Taylor…hope so. I still think Mr. Kraft needs to loosen the purse strings when the window opens and help Stevie out.

  4. Sean says:

    I agree with Alex. Please no 4-5-1! Seattle has had trouble scoring goals recently so I say attack, attack, attack!

  5. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Drew – Look out for a blog post updating the web site situation in the coming days. We realize it’s been a long time without an update on the progress of the site, so we’ll get that out soon. I promise we want the new site up as soon as is humanly possible, but we don’t want it to go up until it functions properly 100 percent.

  6. cammiev says:

    If Seattle is having trouble attacking (sounds familiar, huh?), I could see switching to a 3-5-2, perhaps letting Sinovic or Alston move up. Alston really, really wants a goal!

  7. Soccer Dudette says:

    Good day Mr S Nicol- you picked all your team members because you saw promising talent. How about you give the bench a chance to do just that- show you the talent they have to offer to the team. Your starting line (which you seem to favor too much) isn’t working as a team, they were all over the place last night, no defense, gave the ball away the entire game. At this point with no disrespect to the bench- you have nothing to lose. C’mon think outside the box please and thank you

  8. Revsfan says:


    Any chance you could ask Nicol/Burns as to why the Benfica trialists, and specifically Ivan Gvozdenovic, were not signed by the Revolution?

    It’s hard to argue he would not have been a significant upgrade to Niouky at DM. The Revs need more possession otherwise they are going to continue to have a toothless attack.

  9. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Revsfan – I believe Coach Nicol was asked about Gvozdenovic shortly after the Benfica game and the reasoning was pretty much what you state. Nicol basically said that he didn’t feel Gvozdenovic would’ve been an upgrade over what they already have on the roster.

    It’s certainly your right to agree or disagree with that, but as far as I know, that was the reasoning.

  10. Nick says:

    Was there ever any mention of the two other trialists — Jason Giffiths and Jean-Baptiste Fritzson — anywhere? I only ever saw mention of Gvozdenovic not being signed.

  11. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Nick – The club did not offer a contract to Fritzson, but Griffiths is still training with the Revs as he continues his trial.

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