New Revolutionsoccer.net video player/website update

2010_videoplayerUPDATED 6/25 (see comments section) Hey everyone – as you’ve probably noticed, we have been producing a lot more video in 2010, which has been the plan all along in ramping up our digital efforts and providing all the exclusive coverage we can for you on revolutionsoccer.net.

You may also have noticed on the revolutionsoccer.net homepage (and if you’ve watched the live version of this year’s RevsWrap shows) that we have been using a brand new video player/interface. This video player is part of the new MLS platform, and we’re excited to be fully switching over to the new video player over the next week or two.  Check out the video player here.

What does this mean for you? It means a faster, higher-quality video experience with all the same types of content we’ve been providing throughout 2010. The new interface makes it easy to find all of our regular video pieces, as well as themed shows like the KA & DBarnes Video Blog, RevsWrap, and the new Box to Box show with Kyle McCarthy and Jeff Lemieux.

The biggest difference is that you’ll need to download Microsoft Silverlight to view our videos. If you don’t already have Silverlight installed, you can get it here.  It’s a quick download/install and and works on both Windows and Mac platforms.

So take a look at the new player, watch a few videos and let us know what you think! As always, we welcome any and all feedback.

Finally, we have been getting a lot of questions about the new website in general. We’d love to have launched our new site already, but unfortunately that has yet to happen. We are working closely with the folks at MLS to get the new site launched, but it’s just not at a point where we are ready to switch from our current website yet. We will provide you with updates right here on the blog as we have them.


  1. Smith says:

    The sad part about all of this new website stuff is that we seem to be getting sh** on. No, scratch that, the whole Revolution team seems to be getting sh** on from every direction. Even with a website, we seem to be the last. Every other teams new website has been up and running except ours.
    What exactly is the problem?
    You keep saying that it isnt ready. It is a server problem? code? graphics? time management? MLS bigwigs just dicking around?

    I am getting tired of seeing everything about this team being poorly owned and managed. It makes me regret buying season tickets.

  2. revolutionsoccer says:

    Believe me, we share your frustration as far as the website goes. For the record, every other team has not launched their new sites, as Philly and Seattle are still on their own. You’re right though, all of the teams that were on the old platform have indeed switched, and I can’t stress enough that we WANT to be there with them.

    I’m not going to sit here and throw the MLS Digital team under the bus, but there’s a combination of things both from an aesthetic point of view and technical standpoint that you mentioned that are holding up our launch – too long to list.

    If you check out some of the other team sites, you can see that they are still in ‘beta’ mode. Again, the teams are working hard and there are a lot of dedicated individuals on each and every digital staff, but the tools they are being provided are not up to par with where they should be at this point in the project. For example, you can’t search on any of the team sites. And if you try executing a search on MLSsoccer.com, you do not get a desirable result (give it a try here).

    Also, there are things like the team rosters, player pages, statistics, and standings pages that are still being hosted on MLSsoccer.com that should be listed on the team sites and are not. There’s also photo and video modules (right side of the MLSsoccer.com pages) that need to be ready on the team sites before we would launch our new site and those are not ready yet, either.

    Just these things alone are enough for us to not want to move to the new platform, but as I said, there are a number of technical issues that I won’t get into that are also preventing us from making the move at this time.

    Again, the MLS Digital Staff has their hands full and are doing everything they can to get these things up and running, but there’s no point in us switching over to an incomplete platform when we already have a fully-functioning website. The other teams did not have this choice, but teams like us and Seattle did have this choice and have chosen to focus on putting out as much content as we can while the MLS crew gets things done on their end. We have been doing all the things content-wise that we promised in pre-season (more videos, photos, updates from the road, gameday updates, postgame video, more team coverage in general), it’s just unfortunately in our current website’s “wrapper” instead of the new website format.

    I hope this provided you a little insight as to what’s going on with the new site, and as I said, we’ll continue to update you guys as we move closer to launching, hopefully later this summer.

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