Boston Globe: Kraft – His cup runneth over

The Boston Globe ran a story today featuring Revolution Investor/Operator Robert Kraft, and his family’s commitment to soccer in New England in light of the recent end of the World Cup and Kraft’s involvement as a member of the Board of Directors of the U.S. Bid Committee that’s vying to bring the World Cup back to the United States in either 2018 or 2022.

He also discusses a variety of Revolution-related topics, including the team’s recent performance, Designated Players and a soccer stadium for the Revolution.

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  1. Dan says:

    Talk is cheap. Same sort of stuff we have heard for years from Kraft and the Revs FO. While the fanbase continues to diminish and product on the field gets worse there seems to be the same bla bla bla coming from Kraft. Talk is cheap. We want players that can play attractive soccer not guys from some obsure 3rd division in Africa or 35 year old washed up players. Mr Kraft, I challenge you to make this Club the jewel of the league, one the fans can be proud of!!!!

  2. Jim says:

    Pretty bad when The Big Boss has to do Mike Burns’ job. Mr. Bunrs, THESE are the sort of answers we were looking for. I agree with Dan, all of this is more of the same without some fast and concrete actions.

    Sad that Bob doesn’t feel a sense of urgency with his team’s attendance set on another year of decline.

  3. slowly-losing-faith-Revsfan says:

    Jim- You mean you were looking for Burns to talk about a “great sales job” in 1994 or about a WC match that hadnt been played yet? Besides for him saying NO to a DP, its got nothing to do with Burns’ answers, or lack thereof.
    This article was put out because in the anti-Burns backlash, the attention turned to Kraft and his seemingly lack of interest in a team he owns.
    Curse him all you want, but Burns cant get a DP if Kraft doesnt OK it…

  4. Alex says:

    Kraft twalked about TWO big things – The soccer specific stadia which is essential if the Revs are to survive and compete. I was at the LA game and with a healthy 20,000 in attendance – imagine the noise and atmosphere in a smaller, soccer specific venue. That would put the fear of God into many an opposition.
    Secondly he talked about one or two new players – about time. Not the DP’s we desperately need, but new faces would be good. We need to look at Europe more. Denmark has a great league and look at Perovic, from FC Basle. There is talent there – Nicol is the guy to find it. Look at Birchall from LA – playing lower tier soccer in England and he does not look out of place in the MLS. Stevie – look at home – go to Tranmere and see the likes of players there who would rather the lifestyle here in the US, and the level of soccer will catch up. Let’s build on that great performance last Sat, build through Superliga and re-enter the MLS schedule, primed for the play offs!

  5. Julia says:

    Any new signing better be at least old enough to drink. I can’t take signing anymore 18 year olds to ‘polish’.

    Kraft talks better then Burns, I’ll give him that. But action speaks louder then words.

  6. Fake Eric says:

    Great article – but why not show a picture of the Revs win over the Galaxy?

    As far as the rest of the article I get the feeling this is all lip service to detract from the nightmare that is going on.

    If Kraft truly wants to build a stadium somewhere other than Foxboro its going to be in an area where he can sell the venue to other events.

    I am hoping he will build a stadium and eventually sell the team and stadium to someone who is interested in making it a success.

  7. Fake Eric says:

    So now Ronaldinho is going to LA? Wouldn’t he have been the perfect fit with the new england brazilian community? I have to think one of two things – either the players don’t want to come to Boston because of the location/artificial turf or the Revs just aren’t trying or willing to pony up enough cash to get them.

    Better announce a big signing soon or this team will be left behind.

  8. soccerdudette says:

    Mr Kraft is so out of touch with soccer, the idea of the game, and the whole team. It is too bad his only inspiration is the almighty dollar. We can’t learn to accept him until he accepts the game.

  9. Revsfan says:

    So when’s that signing going to happen?

  10. Carlos Iniesta says:

    you are correct jorge in order to get some of those students and European descendents living in the metro area to travel to the GILLETTE stadium, there has to be organized bus rides that pick up fans from the metro area of Boston to the GILLETTE stadium for a discount price included in the purchase of the ticket. By organizing these buses ride trips there would be an immediate increase of the number of fans going to the GILLETTE stadium. Also by taking a bus ride from Boston straight to the GILLETTE stadium is very convenient since you can get to boston by bus or train even if you don’t live in Boston.

  11. Jim says:

    Fiubd the commentators comments about his sitdown with Shalrie very interesting tonight. he emphasized that Shalrie was dissapointed and upset at his teamates leaving and that he needed to and would be more forceful with the front office about signing players that can help the team.

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