Great view…


  1. WeatherManNX01 says:

    That’s not a Jabulani. What ball are they using in SuperLiga?

  2. jorge maradona says:

    The only reason why there were a lot of fans watching soccer in fen way stadium is because it was celebrated in the metropolitan area where a large part of the European decedents are located. Also a lot of college students were able to go without having to commute far to the GILLETE stadium.

    PS: In order to get some of those students and European descendents living in the metro area to travel to go to the GILLETTE stadium, there has to be organized bus rides that pick up fans from the metro area of Boston to the GILLETTE stadium for a discount price included in the purchase of the ticket. By organizing these buses ride trips there would be an immediate increase of the number of fans going to the GILLETTE stadium. I personally know more than 80 students friends of mine that would like to go to watch a game of soccer but complaint of the inconvenient of traveling and most of them live in Boston but don’t have cars.

  3. Oliver says:

    It is a Jabulani.

  4. Garrett says:

    I believe in the Superliga they use on eof the adipure balls. Atleast, that’s what it looks like to me.

  5. Garrett says:

    **one of. not on eof.

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