Oh, California in the summer …

… well, it doesn’t actually feel like summer right now in Los Angeles with the current temperature in the lower 60s, but technically it’s still true for a couple more weeks. Besides, the West Coast kind of has that perpetual summer vibe.

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we’ve arrived in LA, touching down around 8:30 p.m. PT and arriving at the hotel shortly before 9:30 p.m. PT. That, of course, is after midnight back on the East Coast so everyone’s a little tired right now, but after a quick meal and a good night’s sleep hopefully the guys can get rested.

I have to say it’s kind of bizarre being back in LA again, staying at the same hotel where we were stationed almost six months ago for the season opener against the Galaxy. In some ways it feels like it was so long ago, but in other ways it feels like we were just here. I can say this – the ultimate goal of that season-opening trip in March and this one in September is the same: take three points back to Foxborough. We weren’t successful in that regard against the Galaxy, but Friday night against Chivas USA provides another chance and with eight games remaining in the regular season, the time has come to start picking up points away from home.

The guys will train tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) at 3 p.m. PT on one of the practice fields adjacent to The Home Depot Center, and we’ll be there to grab some more preview video with head coach Steve Nicol and a couple of players. I’ll also be chatting with Revolution beat writer Kyle McCarthy for a special “On the Road” edition of Box to Box, while the customary written preview will also be posted following training.

Of course, by the time training finishes up and we can get the preview written, the video edited and uploaded, it’ll probably be relatively late on the East Coast. But we’ll have it up as soon as we possibly can so you can stay up to speed with everything going on out here in LA. See you tomorrow …


  1. d3 says:

    I love it, yoiu have a forward that says the team gave up at halftime because they were 2 goals down. What a bunch of losers. Nichol says they couldnt keep possesion and that is the reason for the loss, has he been watching any games this year, kick and run kick and run.
    They played the worst game of the year in a must win situation, how can that even happen. they looked totally lost, i am sick of the tactics and the attitude, everything needs to change, including all the local media that sugarcoats everything(this blog specificly because there isnt any other coverage the revs get).

    Good job everyone, better luck next year.

    yours truely,
    pissed off revs fan.

  2. backseat says:

    What continues to stand out for me is the speed challenge that we face up the middle. Shalrie, Pat, Tierney, and Schilawski are so painfully slow compared to the others in the league. When their physical “A” game and positioning is on, they can solid, but when they’re off like last night, they can’t make up for mistakes with their speed. It’s like getting your foot stepped on and then punched in the face.
    I think the serbian connection was badly missed last night. Talk about how important Perovic is to this team now.
    If we go for anything this year in the off season, it’s a quick midfielder that can play along side shalrie.
    Along these lines, Khano sure has lost his first step. Good thing he’s better at positioning himself defensively than he used to be…

  3. Cooper says:

    I’ve always thought Shalrie’s strongest position was holding mid. Ever since we made the switch to a 4-4-2 we’ve had no attack to speak of.

    I’ve been wondering lately if the league is still weak enough for us to get away w/ a 3-5-2, but then again, as backseat says, we haven’t got an attacking midfielder.

    Next season I say we get an attacking mid as our DP if he can improve our team (and how could he not?) If the Krafts really cared about the club they’d use a DP to improve us, regardless of whether he makes a Beckham-like impact off the pitch.

    Poor Stevie Nicol. The Krafts and Burns have asked him to be a conjuror for the last 3 seasons. And it’s finally caught up w/ them. :(

  4. Sean says:

    As a season ticket holder I feel I have the right to vent some frustration here (and yes I already re-upped for next year — I am committed to this team and some of its players but this season has been trying). Last night’s game was embarrassing. All day I have been trying to wrap my head around how the team that beat Seattle in convincing fashion is the same team that laid that rotten egg last night. The lineup was the same in 9 out of 11 positions (Gibbs instead of Sinovic, Schilawski instead of Marko) and the results couldn’t have been more different. And I know Perovic makes a huge difference, but he’s not superman…even Messi couldn’t have helped out the team last night. There was practically no service to the forwards and when there was, their first touches were not good to say the least.

    As the season has progressed I felt that maybe the Revs were only a couple of players away from being a playoff contender. I’ve always felt that Phelan is our weakest starter, but after last night I think that the problems are much much much deeper. Gibbs, Dube, and Schilawski put up stinkers. Tierney wasn’t as good as many people think he is, including the set plays. Osei reverted back to the Osei of old…unpredictable, uncontrolled and wild. Alston, “the All-Star,” had several lapses in judgment. The team as a whole couldn’t keep possession…their first touches were terrible, and when they did have the ball for more than a moment it was inevitable that a poor pass was only seconds away.

    I have also thought a change in alignment could cure some of the teams ills, but no matter how you slice it, they don’t have the horses to pull off anything creative. Their defenders aren’t good enough to only play 3 across the back, and their midfielders are too lazy to track back to help out. Ultimately, 4-4-2 is probably their best bet.

    Cooper, I’m sorry to say that as long as Kraft owns this team we won’t see a DP. And, even if he does open his wallet, I am not convinced that soccer operations could make a decision that helps the team enough to put them back at the top of the table.

    Finally, in order to turn this thing around next year, the very first thing they need to do is clear some salaries, especially Twellman, Jankauskas, Smith and Colaluca. Colaluca make $100,000 a year, he was drafted in 2007 and has played a grand total of 11 MLS matches — that’s a joke.

    PS…to d3…you should try reading L.E. Eisenmenger at examiner.com. She is anything but a cheerleader.

  5. DaveW. says:

    Has anyone else noticed how the team seems to play well only when they are emotionally charged? They beat Toronto 4-1 when they were excited that Shalrie was back with the team; they came from behind to beat the Red Bulls only after Preston’s leg was shattered; they beat the Galaxy and ran riot through Superliga after being embarrassed 5-0 by RSL; and they were stirred to come from behind against Seattle only after two dirty plays from the Sounders that went unpunished. It seems to me that this team only plays well after someone or something else convinces them too. That would also explain why they do better at home in front of the fans than they do away. This team needs some sort of emotional support or catalyst to reinforce their abilities. Unfortunately, that’s not going to cut it in this or any league and speaks to a need for some more players who have the maturity to lead the team. There’s a solid spine in this team but it needs one or two more experienced and talented leaders. The kind that come in a higher price bracket.

  6. d3 says:

    High priced like twellman. I have never seen one players impact be missed so much by a team.

  7. d3 says:

    It is funny, the Krafts actually do spend a decent amount on players, if you look at the payroll they are middle of the pack. The problem is where they spend the money. Is this all Burns? Is Nicol involved? who ever makes these player decisions is one of our biggest problems.

    Then we have our acadamy program, we are already years behind the leaders and it has only been a couple of years since the programs started. I dont think we will see any home grown talent in the next 5 years if things dont change soon. It is sad, new england used to have some of the best youth soccer in the country and know you can really see it starting to fall behind. I would like to see $1 million a year going to acadamy rather then a DP, just my opinion. the league needs these programs badly to get the overall play better.

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