Taking a two-game trip one game at a time

The team bus will depart Gillette Stadium later today bound for Logan Airport and an afternoon flight to Colorado, where the Revs will meet the Rapids on Saturday night at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. It’s a little different flying out to Denver the day before the game, because this is normally one of the cities we arrive in two days early so the players can acclimate to the time change and that pesky altitude thing everybody seems to be talking about. However, with this already being a seven-day trip when combined with the upcoming journey from Denver to Dallas, I think everyone’s fine with heading toward the Rockies today.

Typically the task of packing for a road trip is pretty simple, because we usually arrive late Friday afternoon, play Saturday night and come home Sunday morning. But a week-long road trip provides unique challenges when you have to make sure you have work clothes, training clothes, casual clothes, etc. From a staff perspective, it’s easy to forget about each game as an individual match and view the entire road trip as one big journey.

Ironically, that’s precisely what the Revs must avoid doing as they prepare to face the Rapids on Saturday and FC Dallas on Wednesday.

There will be plenty of storylines next Wednesday night at Pizza Hut Park, as the Hoops will enter that match on a remarkable 15-game unbeaten run. You can be sure the Revs would love nothing more than to go into Frisco and be the first team to defeat FC Dallas since May 20.

But that’s a task for another day, because the sole focus heading into this weekend must be the Colorado Rapids. The Revs haven’t won in Colorado since 2002, going 0-5-3 in their last eight visits to the Centennial State, and the Rapids have lost just once at DSG Park this year. For the Revs to overcome the odds, they must put everything they have into Saturday night’s game and worry what’s on tap next when the time comes.

It’s true the Revs likely need to win at least six of their last seven games to have legitimate hopes of reaching the playoffs, but they can’t win the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth until they win the first. And the only way to do that is to beat the Rapids this weekend.

We’ll have full gameday coverage from Colorado on Saturday as the Revolution prepares to take on the Rapids, so be sure to stay with us …


  1. Sean says:

    What I am getting from this piece is that the last six games aren’t all that important. If they were important, and if its true the team is taking it one game at a time, they would have left yesterday in order to acclimate to the altitude.

    I hope they prove me wrong, but I think the results of these two games will fall somewhere between very embarrassing and extremely embarrassing.

  2. Tom says:

    Agreed, but embarrassing to whom? The players? Nicol? Burns? Kraft? Where does the embarrassment buck stop?

    Is Kraft embarrassed? I would be. How can Kraft even look his peers in the eye and not be embarrassed – not just for having a bad season but for apparently having an amateurish organization that has no clue on how to rebuild a team.

    If Kraft is embarrassed is he embarrassed enough to make big changes? Who the heck knows? Nobody on the outside seems to have a clue what goes on inside the Kraft organization or if they do they aren’t saying. All we can say is from the outside it looks pretty dysfunctional and/or minor-league. It’s embarrassing to the fans and it’s not even our fault.

  3. d3 says:

    totaly agree, it is sad as the league is making huge strides forward our team seems to be falling backwards. Something drastic has to happen now, and that doesnt mean sign some over the hill DP, it means start building the foundation of the team again. We have no prospects on our team that will be the core of the team 4 years down the road. can you imagine, Barns, Alston, and that is it, we dont even want those guys on the team now, Does Burns even look 4 years down the road and try to have an idea of where we will be? It is really scary that it feels like we are not even close to the bottom of the fall we are taking right now. It is way beyond embarresed…

  4. d3 says:

    and as the team falls so will attendance…

  5. John says:

    I want someone from this “organization” to prove to me that someone besides the fans still give a rat’s ass. There have been ZERO signs that the Revs are/were (doesn’t matter with the Colorado result) up for putting the work in towards a playoff push before this road trip started.

    One comment in particular illustrates this – the fact that the Revs did not leave a day earlier to acclimate to the time change/altitude issues as they normally do for West Coast/Midwest trips. The reasoning was that this road trip was already long enough…. IT MIGHT BE A LONG TRIP, BUT FOR A GROUP THAT CALL THEMSELVES “PROFESSIONALS”, THAT IS COMPLETE AND UTTER CRAP. If you actually gave a hoot about salvaging this season, you would have put the extra sacrifice in.

    Go ahead, FO, put the spin on. Tell me why any of us should dedicate our hard-earned money on this organization. Tell me why we should dedicate endless Saturday nights watching us get taken to the cleaners on what is becoming a weekly basis when you are already booking tee times and vacations for the off-season.

    Most of all, tell me why we should care when NO ONE, from the top down in your “organization”, cares what this team does.

  6. Nick says:

    Kraft needs to go; plain and simple. This team and this organization needs an owner who actually care about the sport of soccer and wants to see this club move forward and compete with the rest of the league. It needs an owner who will bring people into the organization who are like-minded, who will help bring this club to where it should be. What it does not need is an owner who seemingly views the club as a tax write-off.

    Step back from the results on the field at the moment, and take a look at this club in general. We’ll skip the whole DP issue, because I sincerely do not believe that a DP automatically means instant success. Instead, take a look at the very top of the homepage of this website, at the club crests. The Revolution is the only club whose crest is NOT a shield-type design. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that is the same logo this club has had from the beginning, yes?

    The Revolution is the only club in MLS (with the exception of who? Seattle?) who do not have a soccer-specific stadium either all ready in use or plan to have opened in the next couple of seasons. And are they also the only — or one of the few — clubs without a shirt sponsor? Seems that way.

    The point is that this organization is so far behind the entire league that it is pathetic. Major League Soccer is moving forward, while the New England Revolution has been left back in the mid-90s.

    Something has to change. Something big.

  7. Soccer dudette says:

    What a terrible game. How many more excuses or embarrassing losses must we go thru? I see some of the players running thru the field in SLOOOOOWWWWWWW MMMOOOOTTTTTIIOON seriously. Its too late now and I am sure we will lose great players by the end of the year as the season ends. Nice job Nicol and Mr Kraft. Very disappointing.

  8. MK says:

    Joseph, Reis, and Perovic can stay. The rest should be cut. Start with Taylor Twellman. The guy claims to be all about the team but he’s been sucking up the salary cap for the last 2 years to sit on the bench. Funny he has no problem showing up at golf tournaments.

  9. d... says:

    nice game guys, we will get them next time.

    The commentators are pathetic also, 35 min in they were saying the revs are finally settling and are having their best passing. they strung 10 passes together out of the back, are you f’in kidding me 10 passes and its like we are finally taking it to them. what a joke

  10. backseat says:

    Personally, I think we should see a real line-up shake up to try some ideas in the next game…. My thoughts:

    Pull Marko Perovic back to see if he works better behind Sinovic and can work with Shalrie to settle things down more in the middle. I like his defense (fast and scrappy) and I like his ability to push forward.

    Pull Osei out and let Seth and Alston work the flanks with Barnes and Gibbs.

    I think Mansally and Nyassi can have the same breakout season that Dwayn Richards is having in NY. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to work with them. Personally I think Nicols can’t do this and that someone else (Like a Pual marnier type) needs to come in that can work with them. I think there’s a personality problem here and that these two could be better with the right support staff/coach.

    I also like Dube on the flank. Let’s see some more of that and see if he settles into the role.

    Time to shake it up boys!!!! Let’s move forward and quite wasting our time on what we know doesn’t work.

  11. dave says:

    do you guys honestly label yourselves “supporters” of the revolution? this team has been in the playoffs for the last 8 seasons. one season goes awry mostly bc of injuries and you all go crazy? this squad is good enough to compete with any in MLS when they are FULLY HEALTHY…you all should focus on being supporters and show some faith in a coaching staff and front office that has been amongst the best in mls year in and year out. support these players who all season have been trying to fill holes and squeeze results with a depleted squad. dont be fairweather fans…theres nothing worse

  12. d3 says:

    fairweather fans? I have been coming to revs games since 96 and the team we have this year is one of the worst, if not the worst at least the worst to watch.
    So who is injured? lets see Twellman, so what do we do there just keep hoping he comes back or start looking forward.
    Jankouskus, has he played more then 4 games for the revs? Even if he was healty did they know how slow he is and that speed up top is critical in this league. (that goes for Stolica too, too slow for this league)
    Who else has been hurt that has really effected this team, the only one i can think of is the time Joseph missed, but things havent looked much better with him in there. You should take a good look and be honest that these guys are not very good and it has been getting worse and worse for the last 4 years. We are on a downward slide and i dont see anything changing.

  13. d3 says:

    with that said, since i am a supporter i will keep coming back to watch these guys but unfortuatly the fairweather fans wont. so in the next couple of years i will be sitting around with the other 5 thousand supporters wondering what has happend and why they cant get 6k to a game.

  14. LS says:

    i’m with d3. i’ve been supporting as a season ticket holder since 99. i’ve followed the team to all four MLS Cups. i’ve purchased my 2011 season tickets, so i’m a supporter. But that doesn’t mean that we, the customers, can’t complain when we see we’re not getting what we’ve paid for, a quality product on the field. d3 is right in that the quality of the team has been coming down tremendously the last four years, even as they went to the MLS Cup in 2007. the league has it in fifth gear and is rapidly moving forward, while the Revolution are in reverse. there is no objective evidence that executive leadership in the Revolution organization cares. to me, the silence speaks volumes, volumes of “we don’t care about anything.”

  15. Next Year says:

    My top three wishes for 2011:

    3) Replace Phelan with someone who can pass and keep possession for at least two touches.
    2) Replace Gibbs with someone who is worth his paycheck.
    1) No Khano.

  16. d3 says:

    Does anyone know how to find out the players lengths of contract? I know MLS doesnt disclose any info but it would be nice as a fan to see what we are looking like for the next couple of years.

  17. backseat says:

    soooo much better than the game again Colorado. I’ll take a 2-2 draw against one of the top teams in the league anyday.
    As for Khano – who cares what his contract length is. Get rid of him!!!! Bad chemistry and no where near as dangerous as he used to be.
    As for Phelan, I like him on the back line as a sub. I just don’t see him as center midfielder.

  18. Sean says:

    I won’t take a 2-2 draw when they were up 2-0 at the 80th minute. Let’s hope a lot of $$$ comes off of the salary cap next year — they need a complete overhaul.

  19. d... says:

    we are officially out of the playoffs

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