MLS confirms Revs eliminated from postseason contention

For the first time since 2001, the New England Revolution will not be part of the MLS Cup Playoffs as this past weekend’s 2-2 draw with the Columbus Crew officially eliminated the Revs from postseason contention. With that, the Revolution’s streak of eight consecutive playoff appearances has come to an end.

It was originally reported on Saturday night that the point the Revs gained against Columbus kept them mathematically alive, because that’s the information which had been relayed to us by the league earlier in the week. Basically we were given all of the scenarios which could end the Revolution’s playoff hopes, and the only scenario in which the Revs could be eliminated was with a loss to the Crew – hence, we all assumed the draw kept us alive.

However, after a closer look at the numbers, it came to light on Sunday that the Revs may well have been eliminated despite picking up the draw. The league officially confirmed the news this morning.

With four games still remaining in the regular season, the Revs find themselves in the very unfamiliar position of playing out the schedule knowing they’re no longer fighting for a postseason spot. So what’s to play for?

Tops on the list is pride, which has obviously been dented this season. Bottom line is these guys are still professional athletes and they’re going to want to win every single time they step on the field. That will especially be the case in games like this upcoming weekend’s against defending MLS Cup champion Real Salt Lake, which handed the Revs a crushing 5-0 loss on July 2 at Rio Tinto Stadium.

Of course, there’s also the notion of building for next season, which will begin much sooner than it feels at the moment. There will be inevitable changes in the offseason and these last four games provide a chance for the players to show what they’ve got as the club looks to build its way back up next year.

I’ll be speaking with head coach Steve Nicol and the players later in the week about their objectives for the rest of the season. It should be interesting, especially considering most of these players have never experienced an MLS season without a trip to the playoffs.


  1. Disgruntled Lifelong Fan says:

    Fire Nicol. Fire the players that fill up our roster with dead weight but don’t even play (ie Twellman and Jankauskas).

    Keep Shalrie if he even wants to remain with such a dismal looking squad. Lose Gibbs but keep Burpo.

    Make changes Revs. We need them.

  2. Musket the Dog says:

    total bummer

  3. T Bone says:

    Why do other teams pick up big name stars but the Revs do not?

  4. Tom says:

    In the past two seasons we’ve had to find replacements for Twellman, Parkhurst, Heaps, and Ralston. Did people really think all these guys could be replaced without missing a beat? No rebuilding or development of any kind is necessary? Nicol takes the team to eight straight postseasons, has the team gutted, and people are going to call for his head because he hasn’t done his job right? You’ve got to be kidding me. Go back to playing videogames and crying about the redsox, this isn’t how things work in the world of adults.

  5. Kyle says:

    Why would we ever fire Nicol? It’s not his fault that the team isn’t performing; it’s much more that the club has limited resources both financially and in terms of sheer manpower due to the presence of dead weight like Jankauskas and Twellman, and players we sign but don’t play. If they aren’t slated to contribute next year, nix them. I appreciate what they’ve done for the club, but if they’re no longer able to produce, they’re no longer worth keeping. I hope they do come around, but we’ve got be realistic about the various scenarios here.

    In the vein of being realistic, we need some serious change around here. Bring in some new blood and experiment with some new tactics in the next weeks as the season winds down. Ask Kraft for some more roster money and look at potential signings. Anything is better than what happened this year. Make no mistake, I’m gonna follow this team through thick and thin, but when there’s nothing left to lose, it’s time to start thinking about the future.

  6. DaveTheRave says:

    I think Steve Nicol is a good coach, but I want him to stop blaming referees when the Revs lose or blow a two goal lead. As the team leader, the buck stops with him and he should take responsibility for the Revs results. I’d also like the Revs to stop relying on the college draft to yield the next Dempsey or Parkhurst. The Revs were very lucky for a few years with the draft, but it’s clear that their luck ran out.

  7. d3 says:

    If Nicol plays a part in scouting and signing players then his position should definetly be questioned, he has had the team play a kick and run style for the last 4 years and honestly i am sick of watching ugly soccer. If we loose and at least try to play the way the game should be played I would be much happier but i am sick and tired of being discusted at every game i watch, win or loose it is the same thing. ugly.

  8. sff says:

    No need to fire Nicol. What is a coach to do after losing so many talented players (Heaps, Ralston, etc..) Revs need to rebuild. Love the addition of Stolica! Keep: Reis, Shalrie, Dube, etc..
    Drop: Twellman, Smith, Boggs, etc…
    With some good changes, Revs will be back in contention next year.

  9. Nick says:

    This would certainly be a good time to give Roberto Linck a few starts to see just what he is capable of and what he can bring to the game. Because I would hope that we didn’t sign a player with such potential just to have him warm the bench like he has been doing since he got here. From the two 10 minute appearances I have seen him make, he seemed to bring more to the game than Khano Smith has all season.

  10. DaveW. says:

    The thing that disappoints me most is that we could see this season coming. This team has been on a downward spiral since the end of the 2007 season. We’ve lost so many quality players since then and the club just hasn’t done enough to replace them. I’m all for rebuilding, but we’ve had three seasons already to do it and it’s been ignored. The draft isn’t going to yield ready-made professionals every season, and most of their signings have been over the hill or underwhelming (with the exceptions of Perovic, Stolica, and Burpo). For THREE SEASONS many of us have been saying the same things. The fact that the Front Office hasn’t been listening is inexcusable and that’s the reason why we’re missing out on the playoffs this year. If you think of it that way, it’s a miracle Nicol got us to the 2008 and 2009 playoffs. Not his fault.

  11. It’s Official: Revs Eliminated from Playoffs « RevsNet says:

    [...] by Mike Marshall on September 28, 2010 The league has put us out of our misery: For the first time since 2001, the New England Revolution will not be part of the MLS Cup Playoffs [...]

  12. Jim says:

    Now would be the time to start thinking about rolling out some kind of campaign to reassure the fans this sort of league performance isn’t acceptable to the organization.

  13. CH says:

    I read an article about Charlie Davies and he stated that he would like to come to play in MLS for the Revs but not until his european career end which wont be for a while, and the Revs need players like him now. They need to re-think the Defense. There are two players I think should be traded soon, Khano Smith(I know not a Defender but still) and Cory Gibbs. Khano has had very few bright moments and Cory Gibbs has made a lot of bad game changing plays. Burns and Alston are good but still young as well as Sinvoic. Osei just needs to be more coincident with he is play cause when he plays good he plays good. Sure they could get some better midfielders and strikers but the ones Revs have are pretty good as a unit. They have been finding the back of the net more often, it is just the defense has not been good 100% of the game.

  14. jw says:

    Missing the playoffs sucks…but it’s probably for the best. Maybe Jonathan Kraft will visit his father and try to crowbar open his bony fingers from his Gucci bag and spend some money on some quality players. Keep Marko, Stoli, Reis, Shalrie, Nyassi, Alston, Osei, and Barnes. Get back Jeff Larentowicz. Use Khano as ballast on the last Space Shuttle mission, Sign some more Balkan players. Get us a replacement for TT. I know, “signing a DP doesn’t always solve the problem.” Well, at least it will generate some excitement. This team is just sitting there, and no one beyond the 13 folks responding to this blog really care right now. Oh, and who else besides Nicol to coach? I like the guy, but if you can come up with list of potential replacements, I am all eyes/ears.

  15. Fake Eric says:

    You are wrong JW – there are tons of us who care. However, we’re tired of the lack of action on the part of the management. When a player like Geovanni goes to San Jose instead of coming to a huge brazilian community in New England, something is very wrong. Mike Burns needs to be held accountable as does Steve Nicol. Nicol is a good coach but the signings of Jankauskas and Niouky and the re-signing of Khano Smith are just baffling. Phelan is not good enough to be any more than a sub at midfield – I’d prefer to see him as a CB, but even that is a somewhat daunting thought. The inability to re-sign Larentowicz is a symptom of what is really wrong with this team. The fact is that most players here would rather play elsewhere (Dempsey, Parkhurst, Larentowicz). Yeah the money is better in Europe, and the leagues Salary Cap is restrictive but we can’t keep using that as an excuse. Not when you’re willing to pay a 35 year old lithuanian over 500,000 for less than a day’s worth of playing time. They need better scouting and better management. Mike Burns has to go.

  16. Kenneth Cabral says:

    It has been a rather pityful season. Little defense and even less offense. Time to clean house and find some young players with grewat potential. Another season like this and many of the faithfull will depart.

  17. Nick says:

    I think if I were in the organization and had heard that Charlie Davies wants to play for the Revs, I’d make him an offer, regardless of whether is European career was over or not. I’d offer him the kind of money Landon Donovan is making right now to forgo Europe and come play for the Revs.

  18. Julia says:

    I pity the players and coaches of this team, because the MANAGEMENT, FRONT OFFICE, AND KRAFT DON’T CARE!!

  19. KT says:

    Something major needs to happen this offseason. Keep Shalrie, Perovic, Reis, Stolica. Cut the rest. If every other team in the league can find a way to make the salary cap work to put together a decent team, so can the Revs. I liked Mike Burns as a player but he is failing in his current role. We need someone who can make things happen for us. And as for Steve Nicol, I think the fact that he sees some sort of bright spot in Khano Smith is proof enough that he should get the ax.

  20. WWinchell says:

    Khano must have something! Dirty pictures of management I’m guessing.

    Is it possible for the Revs to cut ties with the Krafts, get the hell out of Foxboro, and not fold? I just don’t see an sss on the horizon as long as the Krafts are involved.

  21. Nick says:

    Ahh yes. Cutting the entire roster save four players and rebuilding from there. Such a brilliant idea.

  22. Paul says:

    I’ve been going to Revs games since the beginning and in the last five years have spent $5000 on seasons tickets, traveling to MLS cup games in Texas, and DC, and on Revs gear etc. and I’m done. For me that’s a lot of money that I wouldn’t mind continuing to spend if I felt the same kind of commitment from the Krafts. When was the last time anyone saw them at a match? I think April or May for me. They don’t seem to have the same emotional stake in the team that all of you and I do. I get the strong feeling that as long as they can make money the way things are going, not much will change. Hope I’m wrong. But, until I see a serious change, I’ll buy Direct TV’s MLS Direct Kick and make the drive to Gillette when a serious contender is in town.

  23. Chris says:

    I’m glad that finally these comments are being posted on the blog for everyone to read and comment. I say this because not too long ago I commented on the state of the team and my thoughts on Nicol’s tenure shortly after SuperLiga and it wasn’t posted. Maybe now Revs management will take notice.

    His accomplishments and service to the team notwithstanding, Steve Nicol has to go. The players are not responding to him, which in my opinion is the result of relying on the draft too much. We got lucky drafting players like Twellman, Dempsey, Parkhurst, etc. With the exception of Alston maybe, no one else on the current roster coming out of the draft has shown any promise. We need more experienced players to come into the fold. Get rid of all the dead weight now. And if the rumor about Charlie Davies is true, why aren’t we pursuing him now rather than later??

    My family and I have been loyal Revs supporters ever since the league started, and a season ticket holder for five years. I want to see some big changes happen for next year. I know now I’m not the only one who feels that way.

    One more thing……with the exception of Philly (an expansion team) why is it that every other team in the league has a sponsor (Chicago – Best Buy, Toronto – BMO, Houston – Amigo Energy, etc.) and we don’t???

  24. d3 says:

    I would think Charlie Davies wants to spend alot more time in Europe, with that thought maybe a year long or 2 year loan while he continues to get better, I would think he could contribute and it might be a win win for everyone.

  25. Tony says:

    I’m a season ticket holder, but I’ve only attended 1 game……1…..there are many reasons, but I’m just frsutrated with how soccer and the team are treated liek the red headed step-child by the Krafts.

  26. Disgruntled Lifelong Fan says:

    There must be consequences for this season. First time in nearly a decade of not even making the playoffs (eliminated from contention with a month of play left to go in fact).

    Getting to the final game of Superliga and blowing it. That could have saved us, if we at least got that then these years of “rebuilding” would have seemed worth it to some small extent. They blew it!

    I am tired of these “rebuilding” years where nothing gets fixed. We get players that suck and keep them on our roster despite that they suck (ie Welcome Back Khano Smith)


  27. Edgar says:

    I have mixed feelings on Steve Nicol. There are times in which I strongly feel that we will be better off without him. Then there are moments in which I believe that he still has a chance to bring our team back up.

    Let’s just say that Nicol stays for another year. My words to him, “It’s time to clean house!” I believe that either he should demand management to get new players to get rid of all the dead weight that we have and if not, then he needs to try a different approach on coaching.

    Regardless of what happens, I am still going to be a total Revs supporter. I have faith that there are better seasons to come. Every team has their highs and lows. We juss need changes in our roster and in tactics. With that done, I am hoping that the Revs can go back to being a fierce competitor, like they were a couple seasons ago.

    GO REVS !!!

  28. joe says:

    Here is who I would keep for next season: Goalies:Reis and Burpo. Defenders: Barnes, Alston and Sinovic. Midfielders: Joseph, Phelan, Tierney,Linck,Nyassi.Attackers:Mansally,Schilawski,Perovic,Stolica and Dube. Osei is too inconsistant, Gibbs is done because of his knees, Jankauskas and Twellman are dead weight get rid of them. The REVS need: a young upcomming third string goalie, goodbye Shuttleworth and Murray. A Veteran middle fullback to hold and lead that back line. And either another young defender to partner with him or put Phelan back there. A playmaking midfielder to compliment Joseph. As far as scouting is concerned, When Mariner was here, I would always see either him or Nicol at college games scouting talent, Since he has left the only Rev official I have seen at a game is when PC played URI in Providence. That Rev official was Craig Tornberg.

  29. Gavin says:

    How can people say they are done with Revs – just because of a poor season and no play-off? What about loyalty?
    Yes, fire Nicol. Too long in the job.Limited ideas.
    Revs need a stronger midfield and a goalscorer. Perhaps some bargain shopping may be in order. the talent’s out there.
    And a soccer-only stadium…let’s dump Gillette.

  30. Loyal Midnight Rider says:

    Ya know as I read these post I can’t help but think most of you are totally pathetic. Prior to SN taking the job what did we do?


    Once SN arrives we end up being title contenders and in the playoffs for 8 consecutive years. In case you forgot we won the 2007 US Open Cup and the Superliga Championship in 2008 under the man.

    Keep in mind he’s done all of this in an expanding league where a lot of our best guys get drafted off to other clubs. Not to mention the guys who he has drafted who have gone off overseas and found success. Dempsey, Dorman, Parkhurst..

    When the league stops expanding, and as the league increases the roster size as they are doing, you’ll see that SN is the best man for the job.

    If you guys are angry at anyone be angry at the front office. Did all of you miss this article?


    3rd through 6th paragraphs. The Revs haven’t brought in a DP as they have been holding out and hoping to land a David Beckham, Henry or Blanco type player.

    Now the limitations have been taken off of SN the options for him have opened up a lot! Think about the two guys he brought in this year. Perovic and Stolica, both fantastic players. Now that he can focus on using the DP spots as they should have been used in the first place. Making the REVS better on the field..

    OH and for the guy who said he needs to stop blaming the Refs.. Have you seen the poor quality of officiating in MLS games? I’ll stop blaming the refs for bad calls when MLS actually gets some refs that don’t suck.

  31. ashley says:

    first of all we keep nicol. the revs dont make playoffs one season and all of a sudden we get rid of the coach? no that doesnt even make sense. second of all has anyone forgotten what twellmans done for us? i know hes been hurt for awhile but hes getting stronger and should be back soon. he is deadweight at the moment but if he comes back next season ready to play then we keep him. simple as that

  32. Eric says:

    I have to agree with those who said (not in so many words) that we, as New England fans, have been a bit spoiled over the years. We made the playoffs every year for NINE straight years. NINE. DC United hasn’t made the playoffs since 08. Prior to this year, FC Dallas hadn’t seen a playoff berth since 07.

    Our team needs work, but to immediately turn your back on those who have done so much for this team the first time we don’t make the playoffs is no way to rebuild a team. The Rev’s main problem this year was that we lacked an attacking force and that we were playing musical chairs with positions after losing so many of our mainstays (Heaps, Larentowicz, Ralston, Reis for two months). The signing of Perovic and Stolica was a huge step in the right direction, and once Nioky was released and Nicol stopped playing around with that defensive midfield position, we started to look more like a team; and I think our last three games have reflected that, even if the results haven’t.

    For what it’s worth, I think it was a disaster letting Larentowicz go (four goals this season, All-Star nod, I’ll say it: “oops”), and every time I see Heaps calling the game, I want him to put down the microphone and put on a jersey. But wanting to fire everyone and start anew as soon as we don’t make the playoffs shows a lack of loyalty and sure as heck wouldn’t guarentee that we’d end up with a better team because of it. Think about it (to the guy who only wants to keep four players). You’d be hiring (at minimum) seven new players who had never played together, and you’d be throwing them into the mix with four other players and expect to field a championship team? Soccer is as much about skill as it is about team chemistry. Perovic and Stolica – chemistry. Nyassi and Mansally – chemistry. We need to take what we have and use it as a foundation that needs a few minor tweaks to be great. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face :)

  33. Disappointed fan says:

    I’m another season ticket holder who rarely attended games for the last two seasons. I’m a big soccer fan, but I’m losing interests in the team over the last 3 years. We’ve lost too many talents and unable to get anyone new that’s interesting. I hope for Twellman’s return or hopefully get another player like him to spark the team.

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