UPDATED: Alternate channels for Revs game on Oct. 16

UPDATED Oct. 15, 2010, 5:20 p.m.

Because of a conflict with the Celtics-Knicks game scheduled that night, the Kansas City-at-Revs match on Saturday, October 16 will be shown on the following alternate channels:

  • COMCAST: Channel 84
  • COX (Rhode Island) : Channel 3
  • COX (Connecticut): Channel 128
  • CHARTER (Connecticut): Channel 95
  • CHARTER (Vermont): Channel 69
  • CHARTER (Massachusetts): Channel 84 (digital customers only)
  • DIRECT TV: Channel 652
  • DISH NETWORK: Channel 447
  • RCN: Channel 600
  • METROCAST (N.H. and Maine): Channel 77
  • METROCAST (Connecticut): Channel 37
  • FULL CHANNEL: Channel 80
  • TIME WARNER: Channel 1000
  • AT&T U-Verse: 691


  1. Jim says:

    And (again) where is the verizon Fios alternate channel……?

  2. Adam says:

    No one should have a problem. It is the last game of the season meaning everyone should go.

  3. Ron says:

    For Comcast (CSNNE), is there a HD equivalent?

  4. Slowly-losing-faith-RevsFan says:

    Well I guess its a good thing that we’re already out of the playoffs, otherwise Id be PO’d at not being able to see this game.(I know from past experience{this spring} that I wont get alternate coverage.
    We now know just how committed CSNNE is to the Revs:
    They bump Revs games for Celtics games no matter the time of year/season
    Their “writers” make fun of soccer(haggerty).
    They dont even write game reviews, they just copy&paste what the Revs media does.

    What I dont understand is, why is there always a week or (mostly) less between the time of these announcements and the actual games. These games are scheduled months in advance, why arent these shceduling conflicts announced to fans sooner. I would have gone to this game if I had known itd be cancelled, but now, I dont have the time to organize a trip.
    (anyone care to guess how much $$ KSG gets from CSNNE for cancelling a broadcast?)

  5. soccerdudette says:

    I agree- with SLFRFan- we are always the last choice, its becoming painfully noticeable. Newspaper coverage is poor, when they show the NE teams the NE Revs are seldom included and now with John Henry putting money out to buy Liverpool FC rather than take care of the home teams is very disheartening. I can only hope next season the Revs come back stronger and the game gets the respect it deserves. It wasn’t our year but it must be difficult as a player to put your heart in the game-salary or not- when you know not even the team’s owner believes in soccer. :(

  6. Weekend Viewing Picks says:

    [...] York Red Bulls at Philadelphia – Fox Soccer Channel, 6 p.m. Kansas City at Revolution – Comcast SportsNet Alternate, 8 [...]

  7. Oliver H. Durrell says:

    For those with FIOS, which is a growing number, tough s**t. From the Front Office, thanks for your support during the season. We will do our best not to return it!!!

  8. revseye says:

    Oliver – The Fios issue is one where the technology it uses doesn’t allow for switch like alternate channels. As has been explained to us, it is an equipment issue between Verizon and Comcast SportsNet.

  9. Zach says:

    someone named soccerdude said the most rediculous thing ever. he said the owner doesnt believe in soccer. that is not even close to being true. and if soccerdude knows anything about the history of not just the revs, but all of u.s. soccer, he would know how much good work kraft has done to grow soccer in this country. theres a lot more i can say but i really dont wanna get started. i really cant believe anyone said that cause we honestly have the most commited owner in mls. anyone who knows anything about sports business knows that.

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