What’s your favorite Taylor Twellman memory?

When you score 101 career regular-season goals and lead your team to four MLS Cup finals, you’re bound to create some lasting memories. There’s no doubt Taylor Twellman did just that throughout his time in New England.

Personally, my favorite Twellman memory came all the way back in his rookie year of 2002. At home against D.C. United, partner in crime Steve Ralston whipped in a low cross from the right wing, angled for Twellman at the near post. As D.C. goalkeeper Nick Rimando charged off his line to punch clear, Twellman flung his body forward full-stretch, incredibly got to the ball before Rimando, and powered home a diving header. He didn’t care that he was sacrificing his body – he just wanted to score. And he did.

To me, that play defined Twellman as a player. As we look back at his remarkable career, we want to know … what’s your favorite Twellman memory?


  1. Jim says:

    He provided us with a lot of highlights, but his goal against DC in the 2006 Eastern Conference Final that really stands out.

  2. Monty says:

    It’s tough to have any single one … but if I had to pick, the bicycle kick to score against the hated Fire in the home playoff game would have to be it.

  3. J.B. says:

    Game-winning bicycle kick against Chicago in the 2007 Eastern Conference Championship.

    Incredible to be there…you didn’t believe you had just seen it.

  4. Brian says:

    Lots of highlight reel moments, but my fondest memory is Taylor posing alongside the “Why Not Taylor?” banner after scoring. It was perfect.

  5. JohnnyRev says:

    Hat trick against DC United early in career, including a diving header off a Ralston cross.

  6. JohnnyRev says:

    Oops. That’s what you said. And I agree.

  7. Hope says:

    I agree with Monty on the bicycle kick against the Fire. I also have to say that being at the stadium for Taylor’s 100th and 101st on the same night Jay Heaps made his 300th start and scored the first goal of the game and all this against the NY Red Bulls has to be my favorite Taylor Twellman memory.

  8. DaveTheRave says:

    I was fortunate enough to be at The Razor for both the bicycle kick in 2007 Eastern Conference final and Taylor’s last goals (#100 and 101), and it’s very hard to pick one over the other. Both were great moments. But another fond memory of Taylor was his warmth and personality with my kids at Meet the Revs. I remember thinking that no other pro sports star in Boston would have sat there and had his picture taken with hundreds of young (and old) fans, one at a time. He was gracious, accommodating, and total class.

  9. Nobody Special says:

    I would have to say pretty much every time he stepped on the pitch. If you think about it, how many times did you see him screaming at the ref? How many times did you see him blatantly dive in the box? How many times did you see him take a cheap shot at a defender, even after the countless cheap shots that he took. Did you see him cry & whine his way out of town after PNE made an offer for him? Sure he was upset which was understandable but he still went out on the field and played his role for this team. He scored goals, he wreaked havoc on defences which created chances for his teammates and he played every minute that was asked of him.

    He was a classy player. He worked hard from his first step on the field up until he stepped off of it. He sacrificed his body in ways I have never seen any other profesional athlete do. I have been fortunate enough to see him play many times and see him score many goals, some of which were mentioned above but I was unfortunate enough to be there that night when he went screaming into the box. He was looking directly at the LA goalie as he came in fists first. I watched him lie there on the ground and all I could think of was, This can’t be good.

    The guy was straight class. The closest thing to a pure striker that I have ever seen.

  10. Benny Summers says:

    Best memory was July 4 2005 at home against Dallas. We were down 3-1 with 30 minutes to play and Taylor popped up with a wonderful hat trick. I watched the highlight reel probably 10,000 times. I have NEVER heard Gillette so loud for a Revs game than for his second goal, when it bobbled around the goal mouth and finally went in. What a game, what a player, what a career. Legend.

  11. DT from DC says:

    November 6, 2004 – RFK Stadium, Washington, DC.

    My favorite Taylor memory is actually rather personal and involved a gracious and kind act within a moment of crazed activity.

    Now, I’d met Taylor a few times via a mutual friend in soccer and always enjoyed his company and sense of humor. November 6, 2004 happened to be my wedding day in DC. I’ve been involved with DC United’s charitable and community work for a long time and, somehow, convinced my then fiancé to attend the Conference Final that evening — following the actual wedding and reception earlier that day.

    United invited us to come out and perform the ceremonial first kick — her in full and beautiful wedding dress and me in my tuxedo — prior to kick off. It was incredible fun… A great playoff atmosphere at RFK, friends in the Screaming Eagles “singing our names,” and we both laughed and enjoyed the whole moment immensely.

    But, as we were walking off the pitch — realizing that United and NE had a very important match to play — Taylor came over to both of us, stopped and simply said, “Hey, Congratulations Guys!”

    I know that sounds simple, but his taking the time out of his warm up to do it was a very, very classy move.

    The game itself is still viewed as one of the greatest (some say, the greatest) MLS matches ever played. Being a United supporter, the back and forth score line and final spot kick victory were truly unforgettable (sorry NE fans). But seeing Taylor take a great goal early on — he scored on his PK, too — made it all the more enjoyable and memorable.

    So, thanks for allowing me to share what is a very personal memory, but one which I hope perfectly exemplifies the type of positive and classy person Taylor is.

    Taylor’s competitive career may be coming to an end, but as the old “footbal” adage goes… “Form is temporary; Class is permanent!”

    Wishing him only the best in whatever field life takes him…

  12. Mike says:

    As a supporter I’d say Taylor’s goal and celebration at MLS Cup 2006 in Frisco…

    After scoring he ran the length of the field with the team in tow to celebrate with the group of supporters that made the trip to Texas…Many of whom made the same trip to PHP for MLS Cup a year earlier…

    We all thought we finally had it (again!) but it wasn’t meant to be…IMO that celebration (as short as it was) was the best we’ve ever had!

    When we finally do win the MLS Cup (hopefully SOONER than LATER) It will be a crying shame that Taylor Twellman won’t be able to lift it on the pitch….as a player anyway! ;-)

    Good Luck with whatever path you choose…

    Thanks for the memories #20

  13. sam says:

    Any goal he had that involved Pat Noonan. They had such a passion playing with each other. There celebrations were filled with pure love of the game.

  14. Nick says:

    I don’t have one. I can’t have one. It really felt, when you watched him play, that every goal he scored was the single greatest piece of goal-scoring you had ever seen, even if it was the simplest of plays, the simplest of goals. It all came down to who he was as a player. He played with so much passion and such a love for this sport that you felt like bursting into tears of unadulterated joy every time he hit the back of the net. Watching him play, whether on TV or in person, was truly an honor. He was the best that MLS has ever seen.

  15. Dan says:

    I was sitting third row during a postseason game against the Fire. A cross comes in from Steve Ralston and after one touch, Taylor Twellman hits the best MLS bicycle kick goal I’v ever seen. Truly outstanding

  16. Barrett says:

    I wound up going down the elevator after a game one day, because the person I was with had a broken leg. The elevator stops on the level in between the concourse and the parking lot, doors open, and there’s Taylor, leaning against the counter. I quickly thanked him for a good game. He nodded, said “Thank you guys for coming. You’re who we play for.”

    He’s standing there sweaty, exhausted from hard game, and caught off guard, but his first thought was still to thank us for showing up to watch him and his teammates do their thing. Very classy, and came across as heartfelt.

    As a long time New England fan – 10+ year season ticket holder – I have to admire his work ethic above all. It was a rare day that he put in a disinterested performance. Good day, bad day, win or lose, it wasn’t often you felt like TT have given less than his all.

    I’d say we’ll miss him, but we’ve already been doing that for the last two years. So I’ll end with “Good luck to you, Taylor!’

  17. revolutionsoccer says:

    These are awesome, everyone. Keep ‘em coming!

  18. Steve Morgan says:

    I agreee with #12 Mike, Taylor’s goal and celebration at MLS Cup 2006 in Frisco.
    The feeling after that goal and the thought that we wer going to win. Of course moments later it was crushing but I will never forget that goal and am so sad to see his career end and him not wiht The Cup..

  19. Charles says:

    I agree with J.B. It was the game-winning bicycle kick against Chicago in the 2007 Eastern Conference Championship. I was there, and it was truly incredible. I often tell my son that a great player always play best whenever his team needs him the most. Taylor did just that.

  20. Taylor Twellman says:

    Hey guys. These stories are amazing. Thank you so much for the stories. Heartfelt and sad sitting here with the family reading them.
    All the best

  21. Maura says:

    My son and I were lucky enough to be at that Chicago playoff game in 2007 too, and that bicycle kick was the most memorable goal I’ve ever seen. I will never forget it.

    I have another memorable moment, totally unrelated to soccer. During one of the Red Sox playoff series, might have been the World Series, Taylor was in the crowd at Fenway watching the game. The announcers were doing the usual round of pointing out various celebrities, and at one point the cameraman focused his camera on Taylor for a few seconds. I was bewildered that the national announcers didn’t point him out. They must not have known who he was. I thought for sure that Don and Jerry would have known, and I’m glad the cameraman did.

    I’m truly sorry to hear that Taylor’s career is over, but I also think he does have the skills to do radio and announcing, so if that’s what he chooses going forward, best of luck!!

  22. revolutionsoccer says:

    Anyone else notice Taylor’s comment was comment #20?

  23. Amy says:

    I’ll go with all of the above (especially the bicycle kick and the 100+ night, oh and the playoffs, and MLS Cup, and…), plus another class story. Last year the Midnight Riders held a charity trivia night, and Taylor showed up. We didn’t have a huge turnout, so there wasn’t a lot of meeting and greeting, but he stuck around anyway and joined one of the trivia teams. It was a fun night.

    We’ve missed his play the last two years, and I’m so sorry that he had to make this difficult decision in his prime. But I’m sure the drive that made him the player he has been will carry him through for the many years he has ahead of him. Good luck, Taylor!

  24. Karen says:

    In Dallas 2007 at the Open Cup. The pass wasn’t even close to him and we all thought the ball was going out. Taylor really hustled to run down the ball, made a perfect pass in front of the net where it was dummied by Noonan and then tapped in by Thompson. Taylor might not have been the goal scorer but his drive was what got us our first cup win.

  25. JulianCardillo says:

    when the revolution defeated colorado 6-1 at gillette stadium. twellman scored two goals, one of them an absolute bomb from just inside the penalty area. Ralston and Noonan also scored- the players he played best against.

  26. d3 says:

    Probably the classiest MLS player, would have gone down as the best MLS forward of all time if he hadnt got hurt, he is anyway in my book.

  27. Chris says:

    I have a funny story…. after a game at Gillette we were waiting for Andy Dorman to come out because we used to buy him bags of British candy so he would not feel homesick… anyway Pat Noonan came out and went to start up his car behind us – a black, older SUV – the noise that it made was incredible – like the shuttle taking off…. we all looked around and he had to shut it off because it was so loud! He came back and told Taylor that his car was broken and he needed a ride and a tow truck came and towed his car. A few months later we were at the MLS Cup at the hotel bar the night before the game with Pat’s father and he was telling a story of how everyone plays practical jokes on each other and he said, “This year Taylor put some elastic bands over some hoses in Pat’s engine and the car had to be towed and after the mechanic looked at it he charged him $600 just for taking off the bands!” We all laughed and said we were there and heard the noise….

  28. Lisa Herrera says:

    One Of My Favorited Taylor Twellman Memory Was Probably His Bicycle Kick VS. The Chicago Fire In 2007 !

  29. cammiev says:

    As much as I loved that bicycle kick against Chicago,(it being against Chicago made it sweeter!), I’d have to say those last two goals he scored. From the moment he stepped on the field, it was inevitable, and I’ll never forget the roar that went up when he subbed in. Thank you, Taylor, for everything you did for the Revs, and hope for all good things in your future.

  30. 3#0)REVSTILLiDIE says:

    my favorite was taylors bike kick in 2008. My first revs game i ever went to and still my favorite

  31. Steven says:

    I have a few. His first goal against the Crew. You knew he was something special from that point on. Second was the goal in the 06 ECF at DC. Of course you can’t forget the ECF goal against Chicago a year later. Lastly, it has to be his last two goals. A lot of great memories but those are the ones that stick out.

  32. backseat says:

    that bicycle kick and against Chicago. That was the stuff legands are made of!!!!

  33. DaveW. says:

    This might be a strange pick, but it was pretty memorable for me when he scored for the US National team against El Salvador in the 2007 Gold Cup. It sticks out in my mind mostly because of how disappointed I was in the Nats after the ’06 World Cup, and watching the ’07 Gold Cup helped get rid of some of the bad taste. As a Revs fan, I was proud to see Taylor help the national team to an emphatic victory and an eventual Gold Cup title.

  34. Mike G. says:

    Although the game where he scored his 100th and 101st goals was amazing, as well as Jay Heaps getting his 300th appearance in that same game, I would have to say the first goal he ever scored, you could kind of tell from watching how he did it, that there was something different with this guy. And although his rehab from the current injurey he had did not go according to plan, the fact that he tried for almost two years to get back into playing, showed how dedicated he really was to the Revs.

  35. NFLPatriot says:

    Home opener, 2002. Brand new stadium, Taylor scored twice against Dallas and made a believer out of me. Second was in Chicago, don’t remember the year, but the Revs were playing awful, losing 3-0, and late in the game Taylor scores on a blast from midfield. The look on his face after said, “Yeah, I just scored, but I’m still ticked off that we are losing!” Loved the passion.

  36. Josh Baker From Easton MA and Madison OH says:

    My fav Twellman Memory was when it was the Bike against the fire In 07′ I won tix 2 c that Game and boy was it good………I will greatly miss #20 Taylor Twellman and Hopefully he will return as a coach or trainer or something………Hope the best 4 Taylor and his family on his retirement and Hoprfully we’ll see him again soon.

  37. Josh Baker From Easton MA and Madison OH says:

    awesome goal by the way

  38. Kyle says:

    The bicycle kick goal against the Fire undoubtedly! I watched that game live and it was just the most unreal goal to watch. Especially because it helped the Revs advance to the Finals that year. I will never forget that goal or the link to watch it on Youtube

  39. Long says:

    Too many memories to choose a single one but among some of em are:

    Seeing Taylor laughing like a kid as Pat Noonan barely missing the frame of the goal during the MLS AllStar game against Fulham.
    Same game, Fulham, Mr. Twellman scores a goal in typical Twellman fashion-gettin down and dirty in the box. The best and most dangerous man in the penalty box.

    Another favorite memory is the “Taylor Tally” where Twellman would post up soccer balls for every goal he scored.

    Too many memories to pick just one, you are forever a legend Mr. Twellman, I will always remember everything you have given us as fans of New England but also as fans of American Soccer. Thank you so much, btw for every goal you scored outside of the box I celebrate even louder.

  40. Travis says:

    As many of the above have already said there are too many to choose from, one that was not talked about was his goal against Japan in 2006, a diving header off of a Landon Donovan corner kick, it turned out to be the game-winner. What a fantastic player, the best ever in MLS. I still hold that the US would have gone far in 2006 had he played in the World Cup.

  41. John Mulholland says:

    I think his 100th career goal last year against new york really stands out for me.

  42. Adam says:

    The goal that sticks out in my mind is the one against the Chicago Fire in the playoffs to get to the Finals, where Twellman was in between two guys and pulled off an absolutely incredible bicycle kick. Watching it on Youtube over and over and I still marvel at his skill and poise. And the fact that he had the balls to even attempt that shot. Sickest goal of his career hands down. Well done sir, you’ve given American soccer fans something to cheer about.

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