MLS Expansion Draft: You make the call

One week from today, the Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps FC will continue shaping their squads through the 2010 Expansion Draft, in which both sides will be allowed to select a total of 10 players each from other squads around Major League Soccer. While the Timbers and Whitecaps will also build their rosters via signings, the MLS SuperDraft, etc., the Expansion Draft will provide the base for these teams as they prepare for their first season in MLS.

Of course, the Timbers and Whitecaps can’t simply choose whomever they please from the other 16 MLS teams – that wouldn’t exactly be fair, would it? So each returning MLS team is allowed to “protect” 11 players from its current roster, making those 11 players unavailable for selection in the Expansion Draft.

Each team is required to submit a list of 11 protected players by 2 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 22, the day after MLS Cup, so we’re just a few days away from knowing which players will be protected by the Revolution. (To make matters a bit more fluid, there’s a three-hour trade window – 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET – on Monday, Nov. 22, as well.)

As it does every year in which expansion teams enter the league, this process raises some interesting questions about who should be protected, and that’s the question I would like to ask you right now … who would you protect?

First of all, we have to start with a few ground rules. Keep in mind this is just a sampling of the Expansion Draft rules, but these are the ones which are important for the purposes of this blog post.

1. Generation adidas players (who will not graduate at the end of the 2010 season) and Home Grown Players are automatically protected.
2. The Revolution must protect at least three international players (a list of players and their roster status is below).
3. Once a player has been selected from a team’s non-protected roster, that team can move one player from its non-protected roster to its protected roster.
4. No team can have more than two (2) players selected from its non-protected roster.

Here is the Revolution’s current roster, with status included. Please note, players holding Green Cards are counted as domestic players.

Kevin Alston
Darrius Barnes
Zak Boggs
Preston Burpo
Nico Colaluca
Kheli Dube (Green Card)
Cory Gibbs
Jason Griffiths (International)
Shalrie Joseph
Roberto Linck (Green Card)
Kenny Mansally (Green Card)
Tim Murray
Sainey Nyassi (International)
Emmanuel Osei (International)
Marko Perovic (International)
Pat Phelan
Matt Reis
Zack Schilawski
Bobby Shuttleworth
Seth Sinovic
Khano Smith (Green Card)
Ilija Stolica (International)
Chris Tierney

Diego Fagundez (Home Grown Player)

For those wondering, Shalrie Joseph used to be a Green Card holder but has since received his U.S. citizenship. As such, he is also counted as a domestic player.

So with all that in mind, which 11 players would you protect from the list of players above under “ELIGIBLE FOR THE EXPANSION DRAFT,” keeping in mind that you must protect at least three internationals?

Feel free to include not only your list of players, but why you’d make those choices …


  1. Eric F says:

    I’d protect the following players

    Seems I am two short. Maybe the Revs can pick up two protection-worthy players in the Monday trade window

  2. bobo says:

    1. Marko Perovic (International)
    2. Ilija Stolica (International)
    3. Jason Griffiths (International)
    4. Sainey Nyassi (International)
    5. Kenny Mansally (Green Card)
    6. Shalrie Joseph
    7. Chris Tierney
    8. Kevin Alston
    9. Darrius Barnes
    10.Cory Gibbs
    11.Matt Reis

    1st saved. Pat Phelan 2nd Seth Sinovic

  3. The Good List says:

    In no particular order:

    Sainey Nyassi (International)
    Emmanuel Osei (International)
    Marko Perovic (International)
    Preston Burpo
    Shalrie Joseph
    Kevin Alston
    Darrius Barnes
    Zak Boggs
    Ilija Stolica (International)
    Zack Schilawski
    Seth Sinovic

    I say to Vancouver and Portland, please please take the rest.

  4. Slowly-gaining-faith-RevsFan says:

    Perovic, Nyassi, Stolica

    Remaining 8:
    Joseph, Alston, Barnes, Shuttleworth, Mansally, Schilawski, Tierney, Reis

    First 2:
    Phelan, Sinovic


  5. AlexSWill says:

    Kevin Alston
    Sainey Nyassi (International)
    Emmanuel Osei (International)
    Marko Perovic (International)
    Shalrie Joseph
    Ilija Stolica (International)
    Matt Reis
    Zack Schilawski
    Seth Sinovic
    Darrius Barnes
    Pat Phelan

    That was very hard.

  6. Seth Macomber says:

    Kevin Alston-US international. Not a strong year but still lots potential if he can stay healthy.
    Darrius Barnes-1st season ironman. Not a great second season. Loads of potential to grow.
    Shalrie Joseph-If he’s left off the list then our front office is crazy
    Kenny Mansally-Didn’t get a lot of minutes this year but showed he’s dangerous during the time he got. Needs to work on his defence. With this potential, any team would be happy to add him.
    Sainey Nyassi (International)-Strong contributer that is still young.
    Emmanuel Osei (International)-Inconsistent performer. Shows lots of ability but prone to mistakes. Largely makes the list because we are thin on defense and I needed an international.
    Marko Perovic (International)-Drove the team during the second half of the year.
    Matt Reis-Not his usual self (I thought Burpo was a better keeper this year) but there is only one Matt Reis. Needs to get and stay healthy.
    Zack Schilawski-He was far from rookie of the year but he’s still young. Will Mariner see potential in him? If not, add Phalen to this list.
    Seth Sinovic-Young defender who showed that he can play in this league. Lots of potential vs Gibbs
    Chris Tierney-Versatile player that almost seemed like the seaon MVP at times (after all, he filled a lot of holes). Not always a star but his potential and versatility make him attractive to teams that are building.

    I think its important to consider who might be taken. Would teams be willing to take an old striker that is far from a proven goal scorer in MLS (Stolica)? Would teams take risks on injury prone players (Gibbs, Boggs, Burpo)? We need to protect the players who have a chance of leaving. We can then cut anyone who isn’t worth keeping. Phelan’s versatility makes him hard to leave off the list.

  7. omw says:


    I suspect there will be a fair number of veteran goalkeepers available around the league so protecting Reis as valuable as he is may not be necessary.

  8. michael says:

    Get rid of the expansion draft and general MLS draft. Let teams go out and get their own players. College draft is useless, they are second rate college players who have not signed with a team abroad.

    Here’s a list of players that I want to see picked up in the expansion draft. Khano Smith, Cory Gibbs, Osei, Nico, and hopefully we get to keep everyone else.

  9. ryan says:

    1) reis
    2) alston
    3) Barns
    4) Nyassi
    5) Phelan
    6) Joseph
    7) Teirny
    8) Perovic
    9) shilawski

    These are all really good 11 players that ither earned there way on the feild(Teirny Shilawski and Phelan) Vetrens or had holes to fill(see other list). They played good for the revs and will hopfully have a good showing next year

  10. Hope says:


    1st Schilawski
    2nd Boggs

    Selecting the first few players was easy, it got a little harder after that. There were so many different combinations of players on the field for each game, it’s hard to know who really plays well together.

  11. DaveW. says:

    I’d protect:
    1) Shalrie Joseph- This is obvious. He’s still our star player.
    2) Marko Perovic- Team MVP for the season and our best signing in a while.
    3) Matt Reis- He had an off year this season and he still managed to keep us in some games.
    4) Sainey Nyassi- He provides much needed speed on he wings, but I wish his crosses were more accurate.
    5) Kevin Alston- A very talented and promising defender, I hope Kevin learned something from this season. He made a lot of mistakes and then made bigger ones trying to make up for them.
    6) Darrius Barnes- I don’t know why people don’t talk about Darrius more. When he was injured, our defense was in dire straits. When he returned they could at least make it through each game fighting the whole way. That should tell you something.
    7) Emmanuel Osei- What can I say? He does puzzling and often frightening things in our final third, but I like Osei. He’s a fighter with a good deal of experience. We need players like that.
    8) Kenny Mansally- I was hesitant to include Kenny in my list. Not because he isn’t talented since he always manages to create one or two amazing plays that stick with you throughout the season. Unfortunately, he doesn’t play enough to create more. That means one of two things: Either Nicol is wrong about him OR Mansally doesn’t work hard enough. Which do you think is more likely?
    9) Chris Tierney- Chris has his flaws. He’s not too speedy and it’s hard to tell exactly where he belongs on the field. But he is versatile and his crosses are (on average) far more accurate than anyone else’s on the team. Can we really afford to lose a player who has shown he can both attack and defend? Nope.
    10) Zack Schilawski- Zack had a great season for a rookie MLS striker. Five goals in your first season is a great tally. He can definitely finish and puts himself into dangerous positions. He just needs to learn how to stay involved in a game when the service just isn’t there. I look forward to seeing how he progresses next year.
    11)Pat Phelan- A lot of people want to see him gone, and, I’ll admit, I’ve done my fair share of criticizing Pat’s game. In the end, I really hope he stays. Pat’s a fighter who proved his defensive clout throughout the season even being put in the back line while we were short-handed. He also scored twice by the end of the season when goals were at a premium. Pat has shown that he’s improved since he started here. I respect that and feel like we can’t afford to throw away holding mid-fielders.

    Regrets: I wish I could’ve listed Preston Burpo. HE IS A HERO. But with Reis on board and Preston still injured, it wouldn’t be smart to use a protection slot on him. I hope he returns to us regardless. I also wanted to say that Seth Sinovic has worked hard for us and has a lot of talent, but he’s still got some maturing to do. I wouldn’t be upset if the team decided to protect him. I also would’e liked to select Jason Griffiths, but felt like I haven’t seen enough of him. He seems talented at passing with good vision, but I’d need to see him over the course of a season. Hopefully I’ll get the chance regardless of my list.

  12. Moses says:

    This year’s season was decided in part by last year’s expansion draft. Last year we protected:

    Shalrie Joseph, Matt Reis, Kevin Alston, Darrius Barnes, Sainey Nyassi, Kenny Mansally, Emmanuel Osei, Kheli Dube, Jeff Larentowicz, Steve Ralston, Taylor Twellman

    The Rev’s front office was not very smart adding Twellman and Ralston to the list since Philly would never have chosen them and we lost Brad Knighton. To make up for that we traded Larentowicz and Thompson for Burpo and Gibbs. And while I like Preston and Cory, Colorado got the better end of the deal. The Revs had a horrible season and Colorado just won the MLS Cup. You’re welcome Colorado.

    My picks are:
    Joseph, Reis, Perovic, Alston, Barnes, Mansally, Nyassi, Tierney, Phelan, Sinovic, Dube

    This year’s rookie crop didn’t produce a Barnes or Alston but I think Griffiths/Shilawski/Sinovic/Boggs have potential and I would love it if we kept all 4 especially with expanded rosters next season.

    I feel Osei and Stolijca are safe. I feel like someone will grab one of the unprotected rookies, or Phelan/Gibbs/Dube/Burpo. Hopefully just one and not two.

  13. Arda says:

    I’m with Moses and his analysis of last season’s expansion draft decision. I still don’t understand why we designated TT, and to a lesser extent Rally, as much as I love both of them, because trading away Larentowicz and Thompson for Burpo (injured for most of the season, as good as he played the first part of the season) and Gibbs (whom I still can’t trust as a valuable member of the backline) was one of the worst deals I know of in Revolution history.

    My picks are:
    Shalrie Joseph
    Kevin Alston
    Darrius Barnes
    Sainey Nyassi
    Kenny Mansally
    Kheli Dube
    Chris Tierney
    Marko Perovic
    Matt Reis
    Pat Phelan
    Emmanuel Osei

  14. Paul Amaral says:

    Please let’s get rid of the Revolution name in front of the uniforme, I think without the name would make it look more traditional MLS is not the NBA or MLB, at least KC looks more like a soocer team with the name change and uniform, maybe Boston FC OR New Englnd FC.

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