What’s your number?

Late this afternoon, we got a quick bit of information that might appeal to fans. All four recently-signed or added players have now chosen their jersey numbers for the upcoming season.

The following players will wear these numbers:

Ryan Cochrane: #45
Didier Domi: #3
Stephen McCarthy: #26
A.J. Soares: #5

For Cochrane, his new number 45 is a combination of his previous numbers with Houston, where he wore No. 5 in his first go-round with the club (2006-07), and then No. 4 in his second go-round the last year and a half. Domi wore #3 in his most recent stop at Olympiacos in Greece, while Soares will also continue wearing the same jersey number he wore at California. McCarthy will get an entirely new number after wearing No. 8 at North Carolina and No. 5 at Santa Clara.


  1. Fake Eric says:

    What about Diego Fagundez?

  2. Logger says:

    Thanks for the update Lizz. It’s nice to be updated, even if it’s on somewhat trivial stuff as jersey numbers, might need to pick up a rookie jersey if they start coming out.

  3. Lizz Summers says:

    Eric – At this point, Diego hasn’t been assigned a number because he will spend the large majority of his time with the youth clubs (where he wears No. 10). He may be called in for some reserve games later in the season, or for short training stints with the first team around his academic course load when possible, and at that point, he’ll get a more consistent number.

  4. backseat says:

    Diego Forlan to seatle…. hello… anyone working in the front office on bringing in some talent?
    too bad he isn’t coming here. would be a great fit for us. sigh….

  5. Jim says:

    Maybe now that the Patriots’ season is over haha….

  6. Kenneth Cabral says:

    The numbers that I’m interested in is goals scored on offense and goals NOT allowed of defense.

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