Quick camp update

Just a quick update as the players are taking to the practice field in the Dana Farber Field House this morning. Midfielder Jason Griffiths, who came into camp to compete for a new contract after his rookie deal expired last year, was released from camp this morning. Had Griffiths earned a new deal, he would have also occupied an international roster spot again this year.

For the up-to-date camp roster, visit revolutionsoccer.net, click the CLUB tab and open the PDF version of the Preseason Roster.


  1. Arda says:

    Just like that, Griffiths was released? Did he even have a chance to play?

  2. alex says:

    I guess that means one of the International contracts offered has been accepted- who then?
    Gotta feel sorry for Griffiths – opening day of camp and adios. He’ll catch on somewhere, but some times this is a tough sport.
    Looking forward to haring some good news though – but please not 34 year old Dabo.

  3. Logger says:

    If they’re willing to just drop him that quickly when their was no cost to keeping him, I agree with alex that it is a good signal concerning the international signings.

  4. backseat says:

    Why hold out on the good news? Give me something!
    I’ve been checking the revs site 3x a day for an update since the news of offers that were extended abroad…. no news is bad news as I see it with preseason underway. Conditioning, chemistry, etc it all take time. Every day we miss now is a day longer we gotta wait in the season to see what this team can really do… sigh….

  5. Arda says:

    Come on guys, we’re all hungry for some good news! Tell us a NAME! You know all the diehards are checking the website obsessively! Are you really gonna keep us hanging out here?

  6. Krafownzrevs says:

    Sung to the Clash’s Casbah….

    Shalrie don’t like it…… Rock the Roster! Rock the Roster1

  7. jon says:

    jason griffiths released due to torn hamstring needing operation

  8. Arda says:

    I dig, Krafownzrevs. I dig.

  9. backseat says:

    MLS websit said Joseph didn’t bother to show up or tell anyone that he wasn’t coming? Oh man……

  10. Levich says:

    …and Phelan is still on the roster….oh no!

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