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Be sure to check back here on the blog later tonight (7 p.m. kickoff)  for live, in-game updates from the Revs’ first preseason match of 2011 against the University of Central Florida.

FINAL: New England 2, UCF 0

86′ last five miutes to play and the Revs are still pushing and earning corner kicks from Nyassi. McCarthy elevates and gets on the end of Sousa’s service but his header is high.

84′ Sinovic’s curling shot from the outside of left foot from 35 yards hits the left post.

83′ Schilawski and Dube try to link at the top of the box, but the UCF defense steps up and deflects their final pass.

79′ Schilawski comes close to picking a defender’s pocket. at the edge of the area.

75′ Nyassi draws another corner kick. Sousa has been taking them with this player grouping. Cochran and Dube both got their heads on the service but the shot goes wide.

71′ Linck’s header off a Nyassi cross is blocked, and Nyassi’s putback in set over the endline for a corner.

70′ Kevan George gets shown a yellow for a high elbow at the neck on an aerial challenge with McCarthy. (So his elbows had to be pretty high)

67′ secong unit of Revs are continuing to push the tempo and keeo UCF’s defense and midfield pinned back.

61′ Wholesale subs. Current Revs lineup is
Murray – Sinovic, Soares, Cochrane, Boggs – Linck, Sousa, McCarthy, Nyassi – Schilawski, Dube

60′ Revs 2, UCF 0 … Joseph redirected Tierney’s free kick for a goal.

60′ Tim Murray makes a scheduled substitution for Shuttleworth

59′ Soares plays a long ball over the top to Stolica who shoulders off his defender, but his angled shot is hight.

55′ UCF’s Cameron Cooksey breaks down the right wing vs. Domi, but Soares cuts in to put out the threat as they got to the box

51′ Boggs gets shouldered off he ball deep in the field for a foul, leading to a turnover for UCF

and we’re underway in the second half. no sub changes yet for the Revs.

HALFTIME: Revolution 1, UCF 0

45′ UCF picks up a CK near the end of the half, but they put the eventual shot high

43′ Stolica’s lofted shot off the crossbar was apparently deflected for a Revs CK, but the service goes right to the keeper.

42′ Joseph sends a long ball out of the midfield to Tierney, who lays off for Perovic. His shot was saved.

Revolution 1, UCF 0: Kinne (unassisted)

35′ and another Revs CK off Perovic’s work. Tierney’s initial shot was saved, and came out where Kinne’s volley was deflected in (was going in anyway) 1-0 Revs

34′ UCF earns their first CK of the night, which the Revs clear

33′ tempers flare betwewen Perovic and UCF’s Kevan George and they had to be separted by the ref. no cautions, just stern verbal warnings.

31′ Shuttleworth comes on fr Reis in goal in a planned substitution.

30′ Stolica draws a free kick right at the edge of the area… Tierney goes for a service on goal, missing the runner comig across and was handled easily the GK

28′ after UCF punts it down the wing, they get a shot off from close range, but it goes into the side of the netting

26′ Perovic draws a free kick from 25 yards … his service is deflected by UCF out over the end line for a corner kick.

23′ Revs draw another CK off a move down the left wing. Soares’ flicked header off the service is high over the crossbar.

22′ UCF makes a change at right mid

18′ Revs pick up a corner kick when Tierney’s chance is denied

17′ Kinne makes a move to cut in near the edge of the area and is taken down. Perovic’s curling free kick is just high.

13′ getting a bit chippy on the field … Alston in having an ice bag applied to his left hamstring area.

12′ and Boggs is on for Alston at right back

10′ looks like we’ll have an early change with Zak Boggs coming on for Alston who came up limo after a tackle in the backfield.

8′ Perovic breaks through down left center channel, but his shot close in is smothered by the keeper

5′ play running through the midfield for both teams early on

and we’re underway

Tonight’s lineup: Matt Reis – Kevin Alston, AJ Soares, Darrius Barnes, Didier Domi – Ryan Kinne, Pat Phelan, Shalrie Joseph, Chris Tierney – Ilija Stolica, Marko Perovic

We’re about 5 minutes from kickoff now.


  1. jon says:

    expected kickoff time?

  2. Sean says:

    I do believe the kick-off is set for 7 p.m.

  3. Eric F says:

    Wow, took Alston all of 10 minutes to re-injure that hamstring he had been working on all off season. I really hope its nothing major

  4. Chris says:


    Yea, not good. At this point its hard to believe he can have a minor injury. I’d suspect he’s out for a while. Which is great because we don’t have a true back up at that position.

    Maybe Alston doesn’t have the hamstrings to play professional soccer. It’s amazing how often he gets hurt. He proclaimed on Twitter himself that he was dedicating his off-season to getting himself and his hammies in shape.

    Very disappointing.

  5. Chris says:

    Why don’t you guys use “Cover-It-Live” or some other live action blogging thing. Like, I dunno, twitter?

    If you’re doing the updates might as well do them so that I don’t have to constantly refresh the browser.

  6. Sean says:

    I hope Franco Coria can play RB…

  7. gb says:

    Chris- I take KA tweets with a grain of salt. In one post, he’ll be talking about dedication. In another, hes talking about partying. Cant have it both ways

    And thanks for the updates media crew, appreciate the effort

  8. Chris says:


    Two good points. Something has to give if you want to play at the “highest” level and this blog is better than no updates from a pre-season friendly.

    Let’s just get the season going already.

  9. Mylo says:

    Appreciate the coverage. Can you please post the UCF lineup

  10. Chris says:

    Kinne is the man of the moment and getting the start today, even though it is only a friendly, is certainly a vote of confidence from Nicol considering who else earned a start.

    Good for him. Our returning strike force is mostly a known commodity it’d be nice to have a surprise on our hands who can actually put the ball in the net.

  11. LV says:

    I agree with Chris. Twitter would be a much better medium for this. Refreshing the webpage every two minutes is just not right.

  12. d3 says:

    Alston hurt 10 min in, I know this is what we get with him but something has to change with the training staff, even if it just a string of bad luck some is not right. Every year it is the same story, injuries, injuries. Every team deals with injuries it just seems we always have the most, every year. Is it the field coach players or training staff. All of these things correctable.

  13. Nan says:

    AGREE with d3
    The Krafts are so cheap with this team, I bet they do not spend the money needed to get the most and best trainers. How do we compare with other MLS teams in this respect?

  14. d3 says:

    You said the revs are in the process of signing an outside mid, i understand no names but is this pretty much a done deal? Do you see it as a big signing?

  15. Jeff Lemieux says:

    d3 – From what I understand, the deal with the outside midfielder is essentially done. It’s now a matter of paperwork (ITC, Visa, etc.) before it can be announced.

  16. d3 says:

    Thanks Jeff, hopefully it a good one for the team.

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