Orlando Notebook: Tuesday, Feb. 22

With their 11-day preseason trip to Orlando winding down, the Revs conducted their final training session on the campus of the University of Central Florida this morning amidst the hottest temperatures we’ve experienced since arriving last week. I understand we’ll get no sympathy from those of you reading this back in the wintry Northeast, but the phrase, “Wow, it’s really hot,” was uttered on more than one occasion this morning. We’re truly suffering, I know.

As we cool off back at the hotel, here are some notes from today’s session …

  • With the Revs simultaneously recovering from yesterday’s game against the U.S. Under-17 National Team and preparing for tomorrow’s meeting with FC Dallas, today’s session was lighter and lasted approximately one hour and 15 minutes.
  • Instead of the typical jog and stretch to warm up, today the Revs loosened their joints by breaking up into four groups and having a series of soccer-related (and team-building) races. As is always the case with professional athletes, the races got pretty competitive – so competitive, in fact, that those of us on the sidelines witnessed numerous attempts at cheating. I won’t go so far as to use names.
  • Following the warm-up, today’s session included passing, possession and crossing and finishing.
  • Marko Perovic sat out today’s training session after leaving yesterday’s 2-0 win over the U.S. U17s in the 63rd minute with tightness in his right adductor. Perovic is not expected to play in tomorrow’s game against FC Dallas.
  • Perovic was joined on the sidelines by Didier Domi, who rested a tight left hamstring. Domi will be a game-time decision for tomorrow’s meeting with FC Dallas.
  • Kenny Mansally continued his recovery from a strained quad with another full session today, including crossing and finishing drills. Despite his progress, Mansally will not participate in tomorrow’s game against FC Dallas as he works his way back to full fitness.
  • The right-sided trio of Zak Boggs, Ryan Kinne and Sainey Nyassi proved victorious in today’s crossing and finishing drills, claiming a decisive 3-0 win in the race to three goals. The final goal was converted by Kheli Dube, who buried a diving header from close range.
  • We’ll be back on Wednesday with coverage of the Revolution’s match against FC Dallas, which is set to kick off from the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at 11 a.m. For live updates via “Cover it Live,” make sure to be right back here on the blog tomorrow at 11 a.m.


  1. Sean says:

    The beginning of this season is beginning to sound and look just like last year:

    Rash of injuries, disciplinary trouble, off-season signings late arriving to camp…

    The only thing left is the actual losing.

  2. Kyle says:

    Yeah. Jeff, please don’t allow us to be deceived by euphemisms. If Perovic is slated to be out for several weeks, please tell us so we’re not filled with false hope. That’s even worse than real apprehension.

  3. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Kyle – After yesterday’s game, coach Nicol said removing Perovic was “more precautionary than anything else” and had even expressed hope he might be ready for tomorrow’s game against FCD. Obviously we now know he won’t be, but those comments certainly seem to indicate it’s not a serious injury.

  4. jmh says:

    agreed, time for new trainers. to many injuries, something is not right.

  5. Alex says:

    I actually had high hopes for the Revs this season, but little by little that hope has been eroded. From the less than stellar signings, to the lack of pace out wide and a decent striker up front. To the irresponsible behavior of our ‘Captain’ and his lackey Alston, has left me cold and uninspired. Perhaps an explanation of the Joseph thing, a leaked name on our ‘winger’ and possible striker. Something to rekindle what is fast becoming a depressing pre-season that does not bode well for the regular season.

  6. backseat says:

    The most ironic storyline of this has to be the piece about Shalire coaching with everything that is going on with him so far this season. Definitely makes me think the front office has been blindsided by this unfortunate development.
    Not sure what to think about the Alston thing. When he’s on he’s so tough and so fast. The problem is that he’s on the backline and we can’t afford for him to be off. Heaps brough such consistency back there that it’s hard to be patient with Alston. With the hamstring injury showing up this early after resting we have to assume that he’ll be missing a lot of action this season. Starting or not, hard to imagine he’ll be going 90 min in a tough match up without pulling up lame, much less back-to-back games.

  7. rb says:

    Only halfway through pre-season and already starting to regret renewing my season tix. Second straight year of ownership and GM Mike Burns making the promise to bring in a high impact DP or 2, making the announcement right at the time it is to renew season tix only to have them not follow through (classic bait and switch tactics). Also second straight year of reading numerous articles about Joseph’s rededication to the team and focus on the upcoming season only to hear he has been suspended again. Unless there is a drastic change in the direction of this team, the Krafts mostly likely will not be seeing anymore of my or my families money spent on the Revs. Still a Pats fan though.

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