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Follow along beginning at 11 a.m. this morning as the Revs take on FC Dallas in preseason action live from the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando. The MLSsoccer.com editorial staff will be covering the match this time around, with our twitter feed (@NERevolution) and Jeff Lemieux’s (@Jeff_Lemieux) being pulled in, along with your thoughts and questions.


  1. Deb says:

    We want video! Even play by play audio!

  2. backseat says:

    Now that’s a result I can get used to! Go REVS!

  3. DICK says:


    Anything to read into to those that did not see action today? other than the obvious!

    Honestly still trying to see what they see in Kinne, from a size and strength wonder, how long he can hold up?

    THANKS for the reports, Outstanding as always!!


  4. julia says:

    Cochrane should keep the ‘stache ;)

  5. d3 says:

    So Joseph got arrested for trespassing at the team hotel… I assume Alston was with him, seriously? This team is a disaster top to bottom, i am so upset the way this franchise is built, it is sad to see a team that was a perennial power fall so quickly. The front office dont care about the fans, they will obviously lie to us just to sell more tickets, they are terrible and they are not even building for the future, they are building for this season and not even doing that well. At this point i am pretty disgusted with the way everything has gone in the last 3+ years, it seems to get worse and worse every year and nothing is changing. We need a shake up and we need it very soon. We are not going to be better then last year, we are going to have less fans then ever and Gillett will be a depressing shell this summer. Oh well, i guess it cant get any worse…

  6. Moose013 says:

    @dick – try not to sound too much like the average ignorant American soccer “fan,” size really doesn’t matter in the beautiful game. Talent, vision, quickness and game situation smarts go much farther, all of which Kinne possesses. Just look at the ENTIRE Spanish international team.

  7. moose013 says:

    @ dick- once you finally get to see Kinne play, you’ll see what everyone else does.

  8. jon says:

    have the revs had training the last few days or has the media crew just fallen off the face of the earth?

    p.s.- im guessing you guys are taking a break so there is even better coverage come Kennesaw!

  9. Sean says:

    I think they have been off since they got back from Orlando. Training resumes Monday and hopefully it is a good week for the Revs. Dabo and Coria are expected, we’ll see if Joseph and Alston re-join the team, and maybe we’ll hear about this so-called wide midfielder that has been talked about for the last month. The opener is only a few weeks away, there is work to be done!

  10. RB says:

    Apparently this site is into censoring comments from season ticket holding fans, I posted a comment about beginning to regret renewing my tickets (I did not use any swears or offensive language). Only said this is the 2nd year in a row we were promised a high impact DP or 2 at the time of ticket renewal, only to have them not deliver. Is it just a tactic to generate the sales, only to forget about once they have our money? Also 2nd year in row we’ve heard about Joseph’s new focus and dedication only to see him suspended. The year is not starting off optimistically, pre-season wins against a college team, youth team, and MLS B team do not excite me.
    Let’s see if they post this or censor again…

  11. Jason Dalrymple says:

    RB – We didn’t censor your previous comment – it was in the approval queue and was lost in the shuffle while the team made their way back from Orlando. Apologies for the delay.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions and we gladly welcome all of them. We just won’t allow insults/name calling or foul language.

  12. d3 says:

    I totaly agree with RB, the tactics from the front office appear to be lame attempts to boost ticket sales, you guys should realize this is very short sited, not only will you loose the interest of the new ticket holders once they realize there are no big names but they will see the product on the field and probably never return. and for us die hards that patheticly reup our tickets every year, you completely turn us off because it comes across as total lies, not the best way to treat you few deticated fans, your sure to keep loosing more long term fans then gaining short term ones.

  13. cautiously hopeful says:

    I completely agree with RB on this one. This will be my 3rd season as a season ticket holder, and I am also questioning whether I should have renewed or not. The team has definitely struggled over the last several seasons, and as much as I would like to see them succeed this year, I don’t really have a lot of faith in their current ability to win quality games. This whole incident with Joseph is very disheartening, and I sincerely hope that someone else with more leadership capabilities is chosen as captain – someone who wil be able to show these younger players how a professional athlete is supposed to conduct themselves off the field.

    All that being said, I will go into this season with little expectations and will hopefully be very pleasantly surprised.

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