Dabo, Coria join the Revs at today’s training session

Check out a few photos from today’s training session, which saw the debut of the Revolution signings Ousmane Dabo (M) and Franco Coria (D).


  1. backseat says:

    WOW…. just read the piece about SJ and the press conference. Looks like this isn’t going anywhere constructive. If I read this correctly, he’s being critical of the front office and coaching staff for how they handled this. My take, feels like he wants out if this keeps up. Can’t really blame him if the roster doesn’t shape up soon. He can be making making more and can be playing for a team that has a legit shot at the playoffs.

  2. d3 says:

    my take, SJ is completely immature, take some responsibility, you were breaking curfew, that alone should justify sending you home never mind you arrogant antics in front of the police. Front office made the right call on this one, it should not be tolerated. Unfortunately we need him because the rest of the team sucks, so it is a slippery slope.

  3. backseat says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn’t turn out to be this year’s Andy Dorman or Jeff L. ……

  4. d3 says:

    I cant believe it, Dabo is hurt, this is completely shocking…

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