Settling into another home-away-from-home

After what was essentially a brief pit stop to recharge in Foxborough, the Revs are on the road again.

The club’s players and traveling staff boarded a plane to Atlanta early this afternoon and touched down in Georgia just before 3 p.m. following a smooth two-hour flight. In fact, we actually landed about 15 minutes ahead of schedule and breezed right into the gate, which might have marked the first time in history that a plane arrived at its destination ahead of schedule. (That might be a slight exaggeration.)

Unfortunately, the bus ride from the airport to the hotel didn’t go quite as smoothly. Shortly after passing through downtown Atlanta, the bus was pulled over (presumably for speeding) and we were treated to a nice little stop on the side of the highway for approximately 10 minutes. After a bit of initial concern as to why we were being pulled over (loose bags falling out of the storage compartments was a legitimate worry), everyone had a good chuckle over the situation and we were on our way.

Right now everyone’s settling into their rooms – which will serve as our homes for the next week-and-a-half – before heading down to the team meal this evening. Tonight will serve as a chance to relax before the boys get back to work tomorrow.

Our first training session in Georgia will take place tomorrow morning at 10 a.m., and of course we’ll have you covered here on revolutionsoccer.net.


  1. DaveB says:

    The first report of the trip and it already involves the police?

  2. Charles Mcfeely says:

    Lucky you guys are out of this cold. Stay safe.

    Mcfeel me?

  3. Logger says:

    They just can’t handle our speed down there.

  4. gb says:

    Any updates on whether or not these coming preseason games will be broadcast?

  5. Jeff Lemieux says:

    gb – Unfortunately I’m hearing these games won’t be streamed online. Luckily the regular season is only two weeks away.

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