New! The Far Post Podcast

We’re trying something a little different with our podcasts this season, so we present to you the first-ever episode of “The Far Post” podcast.

The show will cover a wide range of topics – it’ll almost always involve the Revolution or soccer in general (of course), and the majority of it will cover on-the-field happenings, but we’ll also delve a little bit into the off-the-field stuff.

Jeff Lemieux will be running the show along with yours truly (Jason Dalrymple – Digital Content Manager a.k.a. JDal), Cathal Conlon (Director of Marketing) and Jeff Wroblewski (Digital Content Assistant/Video editor a.k.a. JWro).

I know what you’re thinking – who are these people?? (besides Jeff, of course). But – what we think will make this podcast unique is that all four of us bring a different perspective from within the organization, which is something we’ve really never provided before. In Jeff’s position as Staff Writer & Online Host he’s kind of like the team contact – he’s at every training session, travels to every game, etc. Myself and JWro both work in the digital department with Jeff but more on the technical side of things in terms of the web site and video editing, while Cathal ties it all together with the Marketing side of the organization.

All in all, we’re going to try and bring you a fresh perspective on all things Revolution and more every week, so we hope you’ll give us a chance and check it out.

Note: We are working on getting this into iTunes so people can subscribe that way as well.

Let us know what you think!


  1. Jesse says:

    Solid first podcast. Entertaining and Informative, liking the 30min length, hour long podcasts tend to drag on. Keep it up.

  2. backseat says:

    This can’t be serious…. Chad Ochocinco is trying out with the Wizards. Glad he isn’t up here lacing up the boots!

  3. Matt says:

    Hey man, great show. I’ll definitely subscribe to it once it is on itunes. Do a interview with A.J Soares, he is a good player and his Soares Report is great. Go Revs!

  4. DaveTheRave says:

    Has In the Net with Brad Feldman been canceled for 2011? If so, I will really miss that show – Brad did a great job and his many years in the soccer media business allowed him to get A-list guests for interviews. Please say it ain’t so…

  5. d3 says:

    I find it funny that the GM and head of player personnel make it a point to tell everyone they are not done building the team and they are still actively looking for pieces. Well put from a last place team, that comment alone should be grounds for getting fired. Ask Sir Alex when he is done looking for pieces, he would laugh out loud. Hell, ask Jason Kries, he wouldn’t laugh but you would probably get a good smirk out of him. The revs seem like they have no clue how to build a team and come across totally amateur. sad state we are in…

  6. over there says:

    This podcast on itunes? I can’t find it.

  7. Lewis says:

    Put it on the ZUNE marketplace as well please!

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