Let’s get this show on the road

I’m going to keep this brief since it’s currently 11:15 p.m. PT, which means it feels like 2:15 a.m. to those of us who just arrived from the East Coast.

The Revs have safely landed in southern California ahead of Sunday’s season opener against the LA Galaxy following a late afternoon flight from Logan to LAX. Everyone grabbed a late meal in the team hotel upon arrival and then I’m pretty sure went directly to bed. Except me, since I’m writing this blog post.

Tomorrow’s training session is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. PT on a practice field outside The Home Depot Center, and following that session we’ll have both video and written previews of the season opener. On Sunday we’ll resume our normal game day coverage with our “Game Day” and “Postgame” video features, plus a written game recap and sidebar.

I’m struggling to keep my eyes open so that’s it for now, but stay with us throughout the weekend as we’ll have plenty of coverage ahead of the season opener here on revolutionsoccer.net.


  1. Cyrill says:

    Hey guys!

    Finally, the season started again! Therefore, I wish you for you season opener against the L.A. Galaxy all the best and hope to see you starting the new season with a good game, hopefully with a win in the end.
    It’s the third season I’ll follow and I’m very excited about it. MLS and all teams are doing really a good job to make this league one of the best leagues. The adding of Vancouver and Portland was a good step in the right direction, like the game yesterday between Vancouver and Toronto showed. Okay, there are two Swiss players in this team, but nevertheless, the atmosphere in Vancouver was simply great. By the way, keep an eye on Chiumento. He’s one of the most talented Swiss players and he can really keep his mentality together, he will be one of the most valuable players within MLS. The only reason why he doesn’t play in Switzerland anymore, was his arrogant mentality in the negotiations for a new contract with FC Luzern.
    This team changed quite a lot within the last three months, adding a lot of good guys. This new mixture of experienced, reputated guys and young, talented players is quite promising. I hope and wish you that you really get something out of this composition.
    The L.A. Galaxy is quite a heavy season opener but I think you have definitely the better cards in your hand than last season. The Revs are a new team with a lot of potential and the Galaxy don’t seem to be that dangerous like in last season. Especially their offensive seems to be quite weak compared to last season. The loss of Buddle will weigh high for them and I’m not sure if Angel can really step up to his old form.
    The whole team showed some good performances during pre-season. It will be decisive for the match against L.A. to pass well and don’t let them get too much possession. Landon Donavon and David Beckham are still there and still dangerous, especially in set pieces.

    So, go out there and show them how to play soccer. You have everything you need to win this, so make use of your potential and win this game.

    Best wishes from your fan from Switzerland


  2. John says:

    Glad the Rev”s season is finally starting, even though none of my friends care about soccer at all.


  3. backseat says:

    Minus the *sweeeet* goal by SJ, That first half was painful to watch. Saying we stole a piont is an understatement. Second half looked much better but I think that’s b/c both sides could were wasted after the pace of the first half.
    As for progress, the outlet passes from the back definitely weren’t looking any better from last year. Wayyyyyy to many give aways to make me believe things are going to change this year. The french connection is going to have their work cut out (assuming they get better…).

  4. d3 says:

    I am glad we got a point out of this game, we executed a game plan perfectly, that is exactly what you need to do when you go into an away game against a team that is much better then yours. Good game.

    With that said, that was the ugliest game of the weekend, we somehow managed to bring a class team down to our level and just made an ugly game out of it. If this is it this season, expect around 5 wins16 loses and 11 ties. it is going to be an ugly season. At least the rest of the league looks good, there are some quality teams we will get to see live.

  5. Sean says:

    To the Revs Front Office:

    Please sign Rajko Lekic.

    To Domi, Dabo and Alston:

    Please get heathy. This team needs you badly.

    To Marko Perovic:

    Please tell us that you are OK and were only taken out of the game for precautionary reasons.

    To the weather:

    Please don’t give us the rain and snow business on next Saturday.

    Can’t wait for next week and seeing the Revs against Charlie Davies. It should be fun.

  6. backseat says:

    Either one of the french guys training yet? Throw me a bone man!!

  7. Jeff Lemieux says:

    backseat – The team just returned from LA yesterday so they were off today. Training resumes tomorrow so at that point we’ll know how far along the guys are in their recoveries.

  8. Musket The Dog says:

    Great win!!!!

  9. Charles Mcfeely says:

    Hey Musket,

    we didn’t win we tied.

    Mcfeel me?

  10. jon says:

    any updates on the striker trialist? any clue on what his name is yet?

  11. Jeff Lemieux says:

    jon – It’s 29-year-old Danish striker Rajko Lekic. He arrived in Foxborough today and will train with the team on Wednesday and Thursday.

  12. d3 says:

    I youtubed this guy Lekic, he has scored some great goals and quite a few of them in the danish first division, he looks like he could be a good help for this team. Hopefully he doesnt mind playing on a plastic field, with bad players, in a huge empty stadium one hour outside any city, if he is good with all that then he is our guy.

  13. Alex says:

    Lekic is key to this team. A guy who can score 40 goals in 80 appearances, in a solid European league, is a man who can score in the MLS. Ge requires good service to finish and with Perovic on form, then the supply will be there. I hope he signs on – this is the sort of player The Revs need to be signing. We do not need a DP as such, but a guy who knows where the net is – is not fancy, but solid and lives to score which Lekic clearly is. This is the finishing point, becuase even with our injuries in LA, the defense looked solid and midfield with Dabo and Joseph can run the show. Looking forward to seeing how Augustine progresses, as wing play and service is vital for a guy like Lekic. Can anyone feedback on how he looks in training?
    Cheers – Let’s win our home opener!

  14. jon says:

    robbie rogers wants out of columbus….let’s get him! come on you revs!

  15. d3 says:

    How cool would it be if the Revs played Liverpool at Fenway. I know it will never happen but just the thought of it would be great.

  16. backseat says:

    Injury update?!

  17. Samuel bourdin from Laval France says:


    I wish an excellent season New England Révolution as well as Ousmane Dabo who I hope for it will make a remarkable season due to its talent and its experience!

    Best regards

    Sam a fan from Laval(France)

  18. Sean says:

    Blog entries kind of few and far between…

  19. EEDDYY says:

    @ Sean, Im guessing following a system of measuring 9 times and cutting once leads to EVERYTHING taking a while(see: DP, Youth Academy, Shirt Sponsor, legit Media Dept, SSS).
    For being one of the original teams, we sure seem to get or develop everything last

    Its still not as sparse as the updates duing the preseason games, that was tough, it was like 5 updates/half. Why have “CoverItLive” if you’re not going to cover it?

    How does KAlston feel about the “We hate DC chant”

  20. gb says:

    My comment has been awaiting moderation for a full day now…Is there a job opening in the Media dept?

  21. gb says:

    OO, OOO, that one went through.

    Any plans to cover the reserve games at any point this year? Will they ever be open to the public? Id be more inclined to spend the $$ to travel to Gillette if I could watch 2 back-to-back games

  22. Jeff Lemieux says:

    gb – We’ll always have game recaps from the reserve games, both at home and on the road. As far as we know, the rest of the reserve games will be open to the public (although tonight’s will be closed).

  23. backseat says:

    Couldn’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this game and how much progresss the Revs seem to be making. What stood out for me in the stands:
    1) the composure coming out of the back was great. Nice clears and more clean passes coming out of the back in one game then all of the passes last year added up. Domi’s impact was immediate and impressive (never mind the added bonus that he could actually cross the ball when he pushed upl!!!!!!!). I also thought Alston looked great. I was worried he’d pull up lame again against the DC speedsters but he came out guns blazing and reminded us (and the US national team) what he can bring to the table. I also thought Soares and Coachran fit fit the bill. When Coria pulled up we tested our depth and were unphased. I also loved the fact that this group shut Davies and the rest of that offensive unit down.
    2) I really like the threesome in the middle. I think they’re gelling and figuring it out. Phalen, god love ‘em, is a beast – I’m just worried he’s gonna knock himself out cold again. McCarthy broke up more plays than I can remember in a long time. He head and long legs are sweeeet.
    3) Dube – yikes… he looked terrible. I don’t what’s going on there but that was like have wells Thompson on the flank again. NOOOOOOOOOOO!
    4) Shilawaski – I thought he looked more like Casey conner than ever before. Held things up, stayed dangerous, and harassed guys on the other end to make sure nothing easy came out of the DC backfield.
    5) Flanks… I still don’t think we’ve figure out how to play these guys. We jam up Nyassi instead of leading him and we played the long ball to Boggs (hope he’s healthy!) when his strength is crossing and having the ball on his laces.
    5) Reise – I’ll say it again, we stand on his shoulders. The man was a beast.
    Keep playing and gelling and this is definitely a playoff team in my opinion!

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