Revs vs. Timbers: What they’re saying

It’s gameday here at Gillette Stadium, where in a matter of hours the Revs will take on the Portland Timbers in the teams’ first-ever MLS meeting.

Below you’ll find our GameDay video, as well as some links from both sides of the field previewing tonight’s match.

Revolution links:

Portland links:


  1. Musket the Dog says:

    Great production on these videos!!

  2. d3 says:

    Great attendance Saturday, DIdnt they just say how they had a very good turnout with season tickets this year, sold alot more then last season, what happened? The whole bowl really adds to the excitement, now if people are actually sitting in the whole bowl, now that would be really exciting. Someone should be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. backseat says:

    What stood out for me (more than the passing) is that we still can’t score. I’m pretty sure Twellman would have scored where Boggs failed and that Nayassi stil lacks composure to be a consistent threat (the Masteroni/Cummings connection this weekend is what this should have looked like for us – Schilwaski was ready at the 6 but Nyassi couldn’t pick his head up or take his foot off the gas when it came time to score). I feel like the back has settled WAY down compare to last year. Would love to see some stats on the number of give-aways we saw last year our of the back compared to this year. From where I’m sitting we’re looking much better on this front.

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