Touched down in Texas

It feels a bit like we were just in Texas.

In truth, we were, albeit briefly. We made pit stops in Dallas en route to and from Vancouver a couple weeks ago, but we barely got a hint of the scorching Texas heat as we rushed from gate to gate to catch the second leg flights.

We’ll be here a bit longer this time, as the Revs arrived in Houston late this afternoon ahead of tomorrow night’s meeting with the Dynamo. Kickoff from Robertson Stadium is set for 7 p.m. ET as the Revs look to bounce back from last weekend’s loss to Real Salt Lake, their first of the season after opening the campaign unbeaten (1-0-3) in their first four games.

Today’s journey was straightforward, with the four-hour flight from Boston to Houston taking off and landing without a hitch. I’m currently writing this blog post from the team bus as we head to the team hotel, where we should arrive right around 6 p.m. CT just in time for a team meal. That’s lots of “team” stuff.

After dinner, the guys will settle in for the night and get some rest ahead of tomorrow night’s game. From the chatter at the airport and on the bus, it seems like many have a rooting interest in tonight’s NHL playoff game between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens. You can count me amongst that group who’ll be watching.

Make sure you check out revolutionsoccer.net throughout the day on Sunday as we’ll bring you all of our usual game day coverage, including Revolution Soccer Gameday from downtown Houston.

One final note: as reported yesterday, Rajko Lekic has received his International Transfer Certificate and has officially been added to the Revolution’s roster. He did make the trip to Houston and will be available for selection tomorrow night.


  1. backseat says:

    Coria should be on the MLS team of the week. He looked great last night.
    Wish I could say the same for Perovic & Lekic. They both looked pretty weak. They’ve got a ways to go if they’re going to be the studs we expect them to be. sigh….

  2. gb says:

    I just have to say, If the team is trying to maximize possesion, why do our goalies boot it up field every time?

  3. backseat says:

    ^counter attacks and the opportunity to score off a bad trap.

  4. d3 says:

    at least one of our offseason focal points has gotten better, defense. that is it. possession is a major problem, how many times does Perovic need to dribble into about 5 players and loose the ball before the coach punishes him, or maybe that is what the coach is asking him to do, him and Nyassi, very glad he didn’t play this weekend.

  5. Uncle Buck (Lord of the Wicker People) says:

    You were touched down in Texas??

  6. jon fauxbel says:

    my message to revolution organization: if u dont sign Benny and a big player on summer transfer, you will loose the little fans u have

  7. gb says:

    waiting on this news is killing me. Trade him or (pretty please w/ a cherry on top) keep him already!!!

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