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It’s only been two days since the Revolution staged a late comeback to claim a 3-2 win over Sporting Kansas City this past Saturday night at Gillette Stadium, but the club hit the road early this morning ahead of tomorrow night’s U.S. Open Cup play-in match against D.C. United. The flight from Boston to our Nation’s Capital is a quick up-and-down trip, and the players and staff arrived at the team hotel early this afternoon.

Most of the guys walked to grab a bite to eat upon arrival, and it’d be tough to blame them for wanting to get outside with temperatures currently in the mid-80s. There’ll be a team dinner later tonight at the hotel before everyone hunkers in to get some rest.

Tomorrow night’s game kicks off at 7:30 p.m. from Maryland SoccerPlex in Boyds, Md. You can follow the game via live streaming audio right here on revolutionsoccer.net, with play-by-play man Brad Feldman handling the call. We’ll also have our usual game day coverage, including “Revolution Soccer Gameday,” “Revolution Soccer Postgame,” a written game recap and a sidebar.

For now I’m off to put together a preview, so make sure you keep your eyes open for that later tonight here on revolutionsoccer.net.


  1. Michael says:

    Why is there no webcast for the game?

  2. Chris B says:

    So who actually made the trip? If I’m hearing correctly that Joesph and Reis were left home could we potentially be seeing Tierney as captain? One more thing I don’t understand, I heard that when we got Rajko we moved Diego to inactive to free up an international roster spot, so does the USOC have different rules? If this team is mostly reserves (which seems to be the case) let’s get revenge on DC for the 4-1 loss at the first reserve game!

  3. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Chris B – Check out yesterday’s preview for some information on who did and didn’t make the trip to D.C.


  4. Mike says:

    Why so secretive? “Several players didn’t make the trip”? Just tell us who was on the bus and who wasn’t. And has Stolitca been asked to make himself scarce or is it a disappearing act?

  5. Lizz Summers says:

    Michael – the facility does not have the capabilities of supporting a web broadcast. If it did, DC would have certainly produced one. They were unable to stream video of their first play-in match against Philadelphia, either.

  6. Arda says:

    will there be highlights available? hopefully SOMEONE had a camera on them at the game!

  7. Musket the Dog says:

    I heard Fagundez played. Heard he looked good.

  8. gb says:

    Am I reading that CSN update right?
    A PRE-GAME show for a BBall game they arent even broadcasting takes priority over the actual soccer game they will be showing?

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