Mustache Day on the Far Post Podcast

Mustached defender Ryan Cochrane joined us yesterday in-studio for this week’s Far Post Podcast. We talked soccer, the origins of his mustache, and touched on lots of other random subjects. Get to know Ryan a little bit more (and the rest of the crew) and check out this week’s Far Post Podcast!

Jeff, Cathal and JWro prepare with some fake mustaches

Cathal is really creeping me out right here.

Ryan Cochrane and Jeff Lemieux get things going

JWro rockin’ the flat-brimmed adidas hat

Me attempting to talk with a fake mustache (didn’t work too well)


  1. Chris B says:

    Best episode yet, I’ll bet the podcast gets even better! Also, J Wro has a similar shirt to mine, I’m not laughing the next time you call him tacky!

  2. Jackie says:

    Great ‘stache, Mario!

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