Just a typical day in Kansas City … plus, a tornado

A funny thing happened on the way to shoot Revolution Soccer Gameday this morning here in Kansas City.

Tornadoes touched down in the area.

Just as I was about to head out and shoot our usual game day feature with Digital Content Assistant (and Far Post Podcast contributor) Jeff Wroblewski, the skies opened up and the sirens began to sound throughout the city as an official tornado warning was declared. From what I understand, a tornado actually touched down in Overland Park, Kan., the site of tonight’s U.S. Open Cup play-in match against Sporting Kansas City.

As JWro and I wandered the hotel lobby searching for a place to shoot indoors, an announcement was made over the hotel-wide PA system telling everyone to move away from windows and take shelter in bathrooms or in the stairwell. Pretty quickly our focus turned from finding a spot to shoot Gameday to simply staying safe and riding out the storm.

Within a few minutes, the entire travel party (players, coaches and staff) had gathered in the hotel lobby and taken up residence at a group of tables away from the main windows. After approximately 30 minutes in the lobby, we were moved to an enclosed ballroom so as to be further away from the windows.

We spent another 20-30 minutes or so in the ballroom before being told the sirens had stopped and we were allowed to return to our rooms. Luckily everyone took the event in stride and spent most of the time occupying themselves with cell phones or iPads.

Oddly enough, it’s currently beautiful outside. The sun is shining and although it’s muggy, it’s a relatively comfortable 70 degrees.

More nasty weather is on the way this afternoon and into this evening – with thunderstorms likeliest around 2 p.m. CT and 7 p.m.  CT – so we’ll certainly keep our eye on that as we prepare for tonight’s game, although it appears as if the worst of it has passed. As of right now the game is on as scheduled, but we’ll update if anything happens to change.

In the meantime, enjoy that break in the weather you’re finally getting back in the Northeast …


  1. david says:

    Is this game going to be televised?

  2. Jeff Lemieux says:

    david – There will be live streaming video available on revolutionsoccer.net. Kickoff is set for 8:30 p.m. ET.

  3. Jason Dalrymple says:

    Tonight’s game will stream live (video) on revolutionsoccer.net.

  4. brownbooter says:

    out of the USOC, mission accomplished.

    Now can we go back to trying to win?

  5. gb says:

    the turf has now been responsible for both Perovic & Feilhaber’s injuries…

  6. backseat says:

    what’s the update on Feilhaber’s injury?

  7. gb says:

    Being that it was said that this blog was going to be a place where we could voice our concerns, here my concerns about what I saw this weekend:

    “Ive had a while to cool off on this but its still bothering me.

    How does this organization, whos had TnT retire because of concussions, still let players back on the field with head injuries?
    When Cochrane went down, both announcers were repeatedly saying how the Revs have learned from TnT’s situtation and if there was any doubt about Cochrane head injury, he wouldnt be coming back on. Well he came back on, then was subbed out at halftime…with a head injury
    It seems like either the trainers are putting the organizations “needs” before the players, or the Revs organization STILL doesnt have the proper procedures in place to prevent this sort of thing.
    Granted, I didnt have that gut feeling, “he definitely has a concussion” on that play, like I did with TnTs goal/punch to the face injury(I think anybody that saw TnTs injury KNEW it was bad when it happened). But the fact remains that the player was clearly woozy from a head injury, then was allowed to return to the field of play.

    “Use, Abuse, Refuse” is a phrase The Kraft Group should be familiar with. Please use it only with regards to trash and not players/player health.”

  8. backseat says:

    ^I’m speculating here, but my guess is the players haven’t totally bought into this concern. Assuming Cochrane was pertty coherent when he was speaking with the trainer immediately after he went down, he may not have been totally forthcoming about how he was feeling b/c he wants to play/compete. If he “shakes it off” seconds (not minutes) after the hit, I’m guessing he wants to keep playing. Confusion in that 2 -3 second window right after the hit is what’s hard to interpret and I think players still err on the side of playing and not resting.

  9. backseat says:

    according to goal.com “Feilhaber is expected to be out for at least a month” and was seen walking with a boot on.

  10. gb says:

    backseat- I agree that players want to play. Thats exactly why there should be procedures and testing in place to determine whether or not a should return to the field of play. (Ex. during the 2010 NFL season, the NFL implemented new procedures to prevent players from returning to the field of play with concussion related symptoms. Some players didnt like it and were upset when they were held out of games{Hines Ward}, but it IS better for the players).

    Like I said, it sems like either the right tests/policies arent in place, or the trainers are “looking the other way”.

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