Test-driving new game day traditions

Members of the Revolution’s communications and digital departments are trying something new for tonight’s game, which will be played at the same time as Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Inspired by our newest intern, who also assists the Bruins during home games, we are test-driving some new game day traditions here at Gillette Stadium.

Tradition #1: Business attire

While communications intern Brian Smith stuck with his purple palette – a superstition that has proved successful in his work with the B’s – Staff Writer & Online Host Jeff Lemieux has selected an entirely black and gold ensemble. Notorious track suit-wearer, Digital Content Assistant Jeff Wroblewski, also turned his look up a notch, donning a button-down and tie.

Tradition #2: Red velvet cupcakes

One four-part lunchtime mission later, Director of Communications Lizz Summers returned with red velvet cupcakes – a tried and true pregame media dessert option at Bruins games, we’re told by Brian. Given that we already started the day with Munchkins, I’m personally hoping that this one doesn’t stick for more than a few games. 2 lbs. x 9 remaining home games…

So, what do you think? Do you have pregame rituals of your own? Or any suggestions for a less sugar-laden treat? Leave us a comment below.


  1. backseat says:

    sorry but some of these quotes are getting REALLY old. complaining about weather conditions, injuries, altitude, temperature, field length, and how close we could be to the top of the conference if we just scored a goal or two only mean one thing to me – this team (and organization)needs to sit down and have a reality check-in.
    Stop blaming this and that ,and don’t point to the what ifs page of the chose-your-own adventure book. This is professional soccer. Buckle up and win some games by putting the ball in the back of the net. This team, our staff, and the front office need to do some soul searching if we’re really gonna climb out of this mess.

  2. DaveB says:

    How about this for a game day tradition – score a goal. I’m doing all I can with my pre-game Adidas body wash, deodorant, & cologne, but somebody on the field has got to find the net.

  3. d3 says:

    I dont understand the management, their players they sign dont make sense, it is really like there is not style we are trying to build, it is just a free for all, the outside mids just run up and down up and down, constantly loose the ball and can barley get into position to get crosses in, and when they do, we have no one to get on the end of it. We bring benny in and it still doesn’t work, how can someone so good look so bad on our team. Nicol has been here long enough to develop a certain style, and what is it, it seems to be some sort of kick and run style with the outside mids just running aimlessly.
    To say the least, not attractive football and not very exciting to go watch. Need a new stadium, coach, team. This could take a while.

  4. Jim says:

    Same story, different year. Glaring holes weren’t filled, lots of happy talk came out of the front office with very little actually done, and we’re dangerously close to missing the playoffs again. Yes, bringing in Feilhaber was great. Bringing in Dabo and Domi was a mistake (Dabo more than Domi). Stolica, and his high price tag, are languishing mysteriously in the 3rd (!!!) division while Lekic (who was supposed to be some kind of goal machine) basically curses and flails his arms a lot. Off the field, the same old problems go unaddressed. The media “partners” flat out ignore the team at best and at worst actively belittle it. The two lowest attended games in the league this year are two Revs home games (and before someone blames the Bruins solely, they had months to sell the game before it turned into Game 7 night).

    Meanwhile Slyde got a new costume anyway, right? Heh. Sad, sad, sad.

  5. Chris B says:

    Nicol and Burns if you read this (not sure you will but I have to try this) I was just over at an MLS live chat and I suggested Robert Vittek, a Slovakia 2010 WC star for a general DP and the moderators were pleasantly surprised by my suggestion and they quickly linked the Revs with a good club for him which was my thought all along. Since I know squat about signing a player, I just wanted to make a suggestion and if it isn’t possible, I apologize but I do hope you read/seriously consider this.

  6. DaveB says:

    Glad to see Rajko embrace my suggestion. I switched to Old Spice for this game, so I’m sticking with that from now on.

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