MLS Matchday App – Now with Revs video!

Let’s face it, we all love our smartphones and tablets for many different reasons.

On any given week, we here at revolutionsoccer.net generally post 4-5 videos (including RevsWrap, Box to Box, Video updates, and more). So we’re happy to announce that now you can now catch these videos anytime you want and any place you want using the FREE MLS Matchday 2011 app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices.

Simply click on the ‘Videos’ tab under ‘My Club‘ and you’ll find all the latest videos from revolutionsoccer.net. Note: The ‘Videos’ tab at the bottom of the app will take you to all of the MLSSoccer.com videos.

And for you iOS users, you can also stream videos from the app directly to your tv using an Apple TV. And I am in no way affiliated with Apple or getting any kickbacks from mentioning this – just think it’s pretty awesome and I am a big fan of the Apple TV!

Finally, if you’re looking for highlights from every match, those have been and still are available in the app in the ‘MatchDay‘ tab. Just select which game you wish to view highlights from and watch away.

What do you all think of the MLS MatchDay app? Give us your feeback in the comments.


  1. Erik Powell says:

    Anyone else planning to attend the Revs-Sounders game in Seattle? Boston fans always travel well (always more Sox fans than Mariners fans at games in Seattle; tons of Pats fans when NE went to Seattle a couple of seasons ago), but I haven’t heard anything about Revs fans going to this one. It would be fun to meet up with other supporters.

  2. gb says:

    what happened saturday night?

  3. gb says:

    Never mind the above post, found my answer on bigsoccer. Disappointing actions by both parties involved…

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