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It felt a bit unnatural sleeping late in my own bed on a Saturday morning, but that’s exactly what I did today. I suppose that’s what happens when you play a rare Monday night road game.

As everyone (hopefully) gets outside to enjoy the beautiful weather this holiday weekend, the Revs will be taking off for Salt Lake City late this afternoon as they prepare for Monday night’s special Independence Day meeting with Real Salt Lake. That game will kick off at 8:30 p.m. ET and the action will be televised live nationally on ESPN2 – or, of course, you can catch the radio call on 98.5 The Sports Hub - so it’s a perfect way to round out the long weekend.

After arriving in Utah late tonight, the Revs will conduct a light training session tomorrow afternoon at Rio Tinto Stadium to help adjust to the time change and altitude. We’ll have coverage from that training session here on revolutionsoccer.net, including interviews with the players as we get their thoughts on RSL.

This will be the third time the Revs have visited Rio Tinto Stadium since the venue opened in October 2008, and Revolution fans likely don’t need to be reminded how the club’s first two trips to Sandy ended. So I’m not going to remind you. We’ll just say that hopefully this trip has a much different outcome.

After all, it’s the New England Revolution playing on July 4, America’s birthday … and as A.J. Soares would say, “America wins.”


  1. d3 says:

    It is sad to watch Fielhaber with the revs, i think his move to the MLS will end his international career because he landed with a team that cant play soccer, he will be getting frustrated and end up getting bad habits like most decent players that play for us. I would have to say to him to keep his head up, keep playing the same way and soon enough we will either trade you to a good team or you contract will be up and you can get back to playing real soccer.
    Too bad because i hoped he would make the players around him better, but it is just not happening.

  2. Chris B says:

    Jeff what do you mean a lady “cursed” you and Cochrane? What’d you do?!?!?

  3. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Chris B – Ryan and I were standing in line waiting to check in at the airport yesterday when a woman walked by our group.

    She looked at Ryan as she walked by, made a weird hand gesture in his direction and said something incomprehensible which sounded a little bit like “Good job,” but was definitely something else. She then walked by me and did the same thing, hand gesture and all, staring straight into my eyes.

    Ryan turned around and looked at me and both of us said immediately that we were pretty sure she’d put some kind of hex on us.

    We both had a laugh about it, but if some awful fate befalls either of us, you’ll know what’s behind it …

  4. Chris B says:

    Never a dull moment! First Franco Coria singing, now this! I wonder what the next trip has in store! :)

  5. gb says:

    I heard swearing during the COL V HOU game tonite. Im offended & I want those responsible arrested.

  6. gb says:

    Wheres the gestapo to crack down on the Rio Tinto crowd? YSA chant pretty clear

  7. backseat says:

    What did we like about this game – we finally didn’t get blown out by RSL. What was toughest – we were totally owned by this team even when they were a man down. Happy to walk out of there with a tie in my opinion!
    As for MLS refereeing, yikes. This has to go down as one of the most bizarre games ever.

  8. backseat says:

    interesting and…

  9. kj says:

    One particularly telling and disturbing statistic: with a one-man advantage most of the game, the Revs maintained only 38.7% possession. How is this possible?

    Since possession has been the single most prominent problem for the team during the entire season, what is being done about it? Is it impossible for them to improve on this essential dimension of the game? I have to say that the games have become frustrating to watch when the Revs give the ball away constantly.

  10. gb says:


    “Our goal would be to find the player and have one in place for the beginning of the season,” said Bilello.
    (In case anyone in the Front Office forgot, that player was supposed to be signed before the 2011 season…just like the player before the 2010 season, & the player before the 2009 season, & the player before the 2008 season, etc.)


  11. gb says:

    Anybody else out there realize the NEED for a FULL-TIME DEDICATED scouting dept? This team is floundering because of misses in player acquisition, and yet there is no scouting department. If your saving $250k/year by not having a Scouting Dept, isnt that offset by the losses recognized at the gate due to a poor field product? Wouldnt having a scouting Dept be considered smart risk management, because your making sure that the players you sign are worth it and will last more than 1/2 a season(Domi, Dabo)

  12. Chris B says:

    Did we at least win the reserve game? Last I heard Koger put us up :)

  13. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Chris B – The reserves claimed a 3-1 win today. A full recap will be up on the site later today.

  14. Chris B says:

    Jeff-awesome thanks for taking time to respond as always good for the reserves to show a glimmer a hope, they’re really turning their season around!

  15. Chris B says:

    Jeff another random question (sorry!) It’s Peter Fuller that makes all the decisions as to who plays the reserve games and who to sub and coaches them throughout the game right?

  16. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Chris B – That’s correct.

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