Revs take to the pool

With yesterday being a travel day, the Revs were still able to sneak in a short workout upon arriving in Denver from D.C. – and what better way to do this than beating the heat in the hotel pool? A few of the guys took part in some relay races as well, check out the video to see who came out on top.


  1. Chris B says:

    So if Phelan beat Reis and Guy beat Barnes in a photo finish (unless I’m wrong on the photo finish because it was close) which relay team actually won? I haven’t done relay races in years so I forget who wins probably the last one right so that would be Reis/Guy?

  2. Jason Dalrymple says:

    By our completely made up on the spot rules, the overall finish of the teams is the one that counts. Barnes actually beat Guy by a hair (thanks to his longer arms), so the Phelan/Barnes team were the overall winners.

    I had to watch the video a few times but Darrius definitely does get a touch a split second before Ryan. In any case, I think it serves as fodder for a rematch the next time they hit the pool!

  3. Chris B says:

    Haha thanks Jason. I could have sworn Guy beat Barnes and I was pretty sure Boggs gestured to Guy as if he won but yeah the next pool training should be fun. Do you guys do pool workouts when the team is home or only at away venues?

  4. backseat says:

    Can we get a summary of the trade ‘windows’ that the Revs are working around if they’re looking at brining in some new players? Thanks!

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